10 Tips to Stay Focus Praying When Busy

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10 Tips to Stay Focus Praying When Busy

Islam know 5 times of prayer and it is an obligatory worship. Performing prayer is one of our obligations to achieve the blessing from Allah SWT. Praying is important, even we involve in strict activities, Allah SWT oblige us to pray first than other activities. There are things we should aware about things that spoil prayer in Islam including busy work and activities.

Prayer is our way to remember and communicate to Allah SWT as our Creator.


Feeding the poor and needy is an act that draws us closer to Allah. We earn His forgiveness, mercies and blessings through this act of charity.

“Anyone who looks after and works for a widow and a poor person is like a warrior fighting for Allah?s cause, or like a person who fasts during the day and prays all night. (Bukhari)

“And i have chosen you, so listen to what is revealed (to you). Indeed, I am Allah. There is no deity except Me, so worship Me and establish prayer for My remembrance.”
(QS. Taha : 13-14)

In the verse above Muslims are encouraged to perform prayer. We are the chosen mankind as Muslims, it will be a great loss if we can not perform the order from Allah SWT. There is an important and significant thing of praying in Islam like prayer to get your hope accepted and prayer to look beautiful everyday in Islam. No matter how much amount of good deeds we perform in this world, if we do not want to perform prayer then everything will be vain. It is the most important aspect in human relationship to Allah SWT (Faith, taqwa, ikhlas, and ibadah). The relationship will be actualized or simply performing as prayer. The Prophet said in the following Hadith,

“If a person had a stream outside his door and he bathed in it five times a day, do you think he would have any filth left on him? The people said, ‘No filth would remain on him whatsover.’ The Prophet (peace be upon him) then said, ‘That is like the five daily prayers : Allah wipes away the sins by them.”
(Al Bukhari & Muslim)

What Make Us Lose Focus When Praying?

10 Tips to Stay Focus Praying When Busy
10 Tips to Stay Focus Praying When Busy

We know that prayers are important especially five daily prayer as mentioned in the previous paragraph. But sometimes we attached into daily routine and make us busy until we forgot to perform prayer. There are several things that may affected our focus to perform prayer like:

  • Sometimes we also attached in tight schedule that does not allowed us to perform prayer.
  • When we included or in the middle of the meeting or presentation in the office.
  • When we travelling far and is being chased for time.
  • In the middle of a crowded place or noisy place and lots of people around us.
  • Carrying out time-consuming activities or in an uncomfortable place to perform prayer.
  • When there are disruption from surrounding environment.

The distruption above will make us lazy especially during ramadhan. When we did our activity even harder than in other day since we have to focus on fasting either. Therefore, we need to learn on how to not be lazy doing prayer when Ramadhan

Tips to Stay Focus Praying When Busy

Those distraction above may disturb our praying and the most worrying thing is that Allah may not accepted our praying. Therefore, we should learn some tricks or tips to stay focus praying when busy. Here we would like to tell you how to keep your mind focused during praying time.


5 Values of Reciting Shalawat in Ramadhan

We must set our place to perform prayer as comfortable as possible. Even we already in a very tiny place or uncomfortable one, we should make it at least clean. So better for you to clean your place first before performing prayer.

Do not forget to perform wudhu before prayer. Believe it or not that wudhu may increased your mind focus to perform prayer. Wudhu is a form of purification, it is also called as ablution and the intention of performing ablution is not only to clean our body but also to clean our mind.

Keep relax and set aside our wordy matter. remember that we as human only belong to Allah SWT as our Creator and Owner. Remember that this is one of the way for us to talk to them, to worship them, and to appreciate what He has been bestowed to us. Remember that in the hereafter there is no turning back, and this is our last opportunity to perform prayer.

10 Tips to Stay Focus Praying When Busy
10 Tips to Stay Focus Praying When Busy

Muslims should understand the context of praying in Islam. We should appreciate the presence of Allah SWT in our life. Thus, we may increased our focus on praying and will not disturbed by anything else.

To understand fully of what we recite during prayer and the du’a we used in prayer will also tips to stay focus. If we understand it, we will know the purpose and the reason of why we recite certain Ayat or Surah. It will help you to keep your mind for not wandering around, think of something else.

Learn on how to pronounce your recitation during prayer properly. Why is it so important to increase our mind to be focused? By maintaining our pronunciation in prayer, it will help to lead our attention into one thing. Of course it will help you keep focus even when you are busy.

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Prayer is not only as the form of worship from human to their Creator. But it is also a form of human to seek forgiveness and trying to accept their limitations. And also the virtues of each prayer like virtues of dhuha prayer. After knowing this or feeling that human is nothing compare to the Creator, it will make us more humble and genuine to perform prayer.

If we perform prayer in congregation, keep focusing on the voice of Imam (leader of prayer). Try to follow the reading and soon you will be connected to prayer fully.

Do not look around while praying. And think that this time maybe our last time offering prayer (prayer of farewell). We never knew how we would live in this world, that maybe we never offer another prayer after that. This will help us develop intention and focus our mind on prayer.

Try to eliminate or move any kind of item that will distract us when performing prayer. Those item can be image, adornment, sounds and forbidden sounds or voices like singing or music. It will help us to stay focus on praying even we are busy.

The ultimate goal of the tips above is to keep our mind from wordly matter while we performing prayer. Remember that those time are the precious time we spend to communicate with Allah SWT. There are prohibition in Islam of wandering whilst praying, the law of crying during prayers in Islam, and law of yawning prayer Islam. The prohibition of wandering itself are falls into two categories which are :

  • When our mind wanders and our heart is distracted from Allah SWT. It is clearly the action of Evil or Satan and its strongly forbidden.
  • When our vision or gaze are wanders and someone looks around when praying as mentioned before is also forbidden in Islam.

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