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    15 Lovely Ways How to Give Pleasure to Wife in Islam

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    Marriage is a scared bond in Islam that unite two Muslims into one. They write a contract with the Almighty Allah, to be in each other’s side until their death. As a wife, a woman should be devoted to her husband and future family, treat them with love and caring. While the husband should protect the wife and provide all she needs, from material, moral, to sexual. A wife has many romantic sides, so it’s easier for the to give pleasure to her husband. A husband should also know how to give pleasure to wife in Islam. Here’s the tips:

    1. Choose Positive Words Rather Than the Negative Ones

    15 Lovely Ways How to Give Pleasure to Wife in Islam
    15 Lovely Ways How to Give Pleasure to Wife in Islam

    To give pleasure to wife begin with a simple thing. Speak words that is lovely to hear. Choose your words wisely whenever you are talking to her, even in the middle of argument. If you use many negative words, it will hurt their feeling, and a man who hurts his wife’s heart then every steps he take will not be blessed by Allah.

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    2. Give Your Full Attention Whenever She Speaks

    Show your love to make your wife happy. And speaking about how to show that you love her, you can do many things. One of it is giving your full attention whenever she speaks. Listen to every of her words and give her your respond. Don’t be distracted with something else like phone or TV. Make her feel that there is nothing more important for you than her, as you listen to her cautiously.

    3. Call Her with the Nickname You Give Only to Her

    To make her special as the only one you love, give her a pet name that you only use it. It may be a little thing, but every woman would love it when their husband make a special name for her. Just like how the prophet called his wife with pet names.

    “Al-Nisa’y narrated from the way of Abi-Salama from ‘a’isha that she said: Abyssinians entered as the are playing (with bayonets for training) so the Prophet told me: “O Homayraa’ (little reddish), do you like to watch them?” I (‘a’isha) said: Yes.”

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    4. Ask Her to Reminisce the Good Times Together

    Living together in a marriage, especially when it has been for a long time, someone could be bored. It can be denied that the love we have for our spouse is not like how it used to be. Keep the fire of your love flaming again by reminiscing the old memories together. Such as visiting the place where you first met, or the first place you visit after marriage. Same place brings same feeling, and she will fall in love for you over again.

    5. Bring Good News to Her

    Let her be happy with the good news you bring. Restrain yourself from telling her the unpleasant things, unless when it’s very urgent. It is also a pleasure to a wife when she hears the good thing from her husband, means she can worry less. Moreover, don’t dragged your stress at work to home, and lash it out to your wife.

    15 Lovely Ways How to Give Pleasure to Wife in Islam
    15 Lovely Ways How to Give Pleasure to Wife in Islam

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    6. Entertain Her with the Permissible Things

    What does your wife like to do the most? Take her to do her most favorite thing. Entertain her and make her happy. If she likes to watch a movie, take her to the theater. If she likes travelling, go travel with her together. Keeping your wife in a good mood is important. But remember, the form of the entertainment should be within the corridor of the Sharia.

    7. Joke Around Her and Make Her Laugh

    Everyday habit could bring your wife some pleasure. It doesn’t cost money but surely it requires sincerity and love. Make her laugh with your joke. Tell her something funny, but never joking by making fun of her. She’ll end up getting hurt instead. Laughing is the best things next to love, as love often emerged from laugh.

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    8. Help Her Out When She’s Sick or Tired

    Nobody said that doing house chores is easy. Keeping the house clean, doing laundry, and cooking the meals is very hard and tiring. You could help her out whenever she looks tired or sick. That way you can appreciate her more. A man often doesn’t realize how hard taking care of the house is. Despite those thing, she does it everyday to make you happy, so return her effort by helping her a little.

    9. Appreciate Her Hard Work

    If you can’t (or won’t) help her, at least don’t belittling what she’s done. Appreciate her hard work at home. So when you eat her cooking someday and it tasted way too salty, don’t complain and just eat it. As anyone is impossible from being perfect, then so does your wife.

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    10. Kiss Her and Hug Her Many Times a Day

    Showing affection is also a form of giving pleasure to the wife. It’s sunnah to kiss and hugs your wife many time. Make sure follow that sunnah by giving her kiss and hug every time you are about to go somewhere or just arrive home. Kissing her show how much you love her, and hugging her means you will always protect her and keeping her warm. A study proved that hugs can release stress.

    15 Lovely Ways How to Give Pleasure to Wife in Islam
    15 Lovely Ways How to Give Pleasure to Wife in Islam


    • Listen to her word and don’t ignore everything she said.
    • Keep in touch while you are away for some days, call and text her a lot everyday.
    • Be generous with her financially, buy her nice clothes and jewelry.
    • Shave your underarms and spray a nice smelling perfume when you are with her.
    • Do the intercourse following Sunnah, in a condition that both of you are fit.

    So those are practicable ways on how to give pleasure to wife in Islam. A wife happiness is a family happiness. Because women always give more than they take. Give pleasure to the wife is also a Sunnah that Prophet Muhammad (SAW) himself did to his wife all the time. May Allah SWT always bless our family with happiness all the time.

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