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    Burkina Faso: At least 23 killed in terrorist attack

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    By James Tasamba


    OUAGADOUGOU, Burkina Faso (AA): At least 23 people were killed in an attack at a gold mining site in northern Burkina Faso in a latest violence by the terrorists linked to Al-Qaeda, security source said late Saturday.

    “Armed individuals attacked the gold mining site at Dolmane, leaving around 23 people dead,” local media reported, quoting a security source.

    The attack took place in Soum province on Friday, the report said.

    The victims were mainly gold miners, and several others were injured, it said.

    At least 29 people were killed in two separate attacks in northern Burkina Faso on Sept. 8, according to the government.

    The first attack took place in the Barsalogho area when a vehicle loaded with passengers and goods rode over an improvised explosive device (IED), leaving at least 15 passengers dead –most of the victims were businesspeople.

    The second attack targeted food vans driving in convoy, leaving 14 people dead.

    Burkina Faso has been battling terrorists and inter-ethnic violence since 2015.

    In August, suspected terrorists killed 24 soldiers in the deadliest attack on the country’s military base.

    Three key terrorist groups have been raking havoc in north and east.

    But even the capital Ouagadougou has not been spared.

    A March 2018 attack on the military headquarters left eight dead.

    Reports indicate hundreds of people have been killed so far this year and more than 150,000 fled their homes due to attacks which spill across the Sahel region.

    Last December, a state of emergency was declared in several northern regions, allowing security forces extra powers to search homes and restrict freedom of movement.

    Map of Burkina Faso By United States Central Intelligence Agency’s World Factbook/.Creative Commons]

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