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Get collection of today’s live Islam news around the world: current events, photos, infographics, Asia Islam news, Africa Islam news, America Islam news, Europe Islam news, Australia Islam News, Islamophobia news… Islam is an Abrahamic monotheistic religion teaching that there is only one God and that Muhammad is a messenger of God.

Islam Is A Monotheistic Religion. Its Adherents Are Called Muslims, Most Of Which Are Either Sunnis (75 To 90 Percent) Or Shiites (10 To 20 Percent).

The Quran is its main religious text. The sunnah, comprising accounts called hadith of the prophet Muhammad (saw), are also followed by most Muslims. About 25 percent of Muslim live in South Asia, 20 percent in the Middle East, 15 percent in Sub-Saharan Africa, and 13 percent of Muslims live in Indonesia. This page is aims to bringing together Islamic news around the world.

The psychology of football

Editor’s Notes. Interesting, well amazing, how we always automatically ‘support’ one side of the match. Naturally I would have liked Iran to win. Because the USA (and UK) has never forgiven Iran that they did not just allow them…


Nov 14,2022 – JORDAN TIMES / James J. Zogby Future historians writing about America’s Middle East foreign policy during the last quarter century should include a lengthy chapter entitled “American Hubris”. Hubris is our…

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