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A collection of Friday Sermons of Imam’a around the Word. Friday Sermon (Khutbah, Arabic: خطبة‎ khuṭbah) is an Islamic ritual that plays an effective role in shaping the behavior of the people and influencing them in all the walks of life.

Friday Sermon (Khutbah) has a major role in serving the call to Allah who blessed the Muslims with a weekly feast every Friday and ordained the Friday Sermon and prayer as obligatory. He orders the Muslims to seek this ritual with the purpose of combining their hearts together, uniting their words, educating their ignorant, warning the unwary, guiding the lost, spurring the resolves, enlightening the people about their religion, their doctrine, the plotting of their enemies and how they can confront it, and keeping them all steadfast on revering the sanctities of Allah.

The Virtue of the Congregational Prayers

The masjids are the houses of Allah and the most beloved places to Him. They were built for worship, prayer, and for the remembrance of Allah. To it, those who believe in Allah and are protected by Him rush (for worship). From its minarets, the testimony of Tawheed is repeated daily, for all ears to hear: I bear witness that there is no one…

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