Faith In Life After Death

The importance of faith in life after death, as well as a little about what awaits us in the grave, Judgement Day and the coming life.

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It is not easy to find someone who would not feel fear, thinking about death. And this feeling is fully justified, because uncertainty always scares. Of all religions, Islam is perhaps the most detailed and picturesque story about what awaits a person who has left this world. Islam views death as a natural step to a new stage of being.

According to the teachings of Islam, after bodily death, a person continues to exist, having risen physically and spiritually. This existence is directly related to the earth’s human life: either eternal pleasure or endless torment.


Feeding the poor and needy is an act that draws us closer to Allah. We earn His forgiveness, mercies and blessings through this act of charity.

“Anyone who looks after and works for a widow and a poor person is like a warrior fighting for Allah?s cause, or like a person who fasts during the day and prays all night. (Bukhari)

When the Hour comes, the Lord will resurrect all His creatures, from first to last, to gather them in one place for the Just Court. After that, the person will be in Paradise or Hell. Belief in life after death makes us do good and shun sinfulness. Someday each of us will be rewarded in dignity. Even if sometimes in this life the good suffer and the bad enjoy, justice will surely prevail.

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Faith In Life After Death is one of the six pillars of Islamic persuasion, without which the religion of the Muslim will be incomplete. Denying even one pillar fades away the faith in the remaining five.

So, with faith and confidence in the heart, a person lives his days more consciously. Which of us would like to bring your hand too close to the fire? Yes, no one, for everyone is sure that it will burn. But who among us as a child, at least occasionally, was not lazy to do homework? There are many of them, because it is difficult to have a firm conviction that this homework will somehow affect the future. Now suppose that a person does not believe in Judgement Day. Then why should he recognize God and try to follow His law? Such a person sees neither the benefit of obedience to God nor the harm of disobedience. And if in the life of a person there is no place for God, which will give him strength and perseverance in difficult moments and limit him in earthly pleasures? And if a person does not live by the laws of God, then what is the use of his faith in Him (if there is one at all)? Belief or denial of later life, perhaps one of the main factors determining the lifestyle of a person in this world.

After death, the person continues to exist in the grave. According to Muslims, this is an intermediate stage between death and resurrection. Here the person is waiting for the test. Angels will ask him about religion, the prophet, the Lord. The grave will look like either the gardens of Paradise, or the gorge of Hell. Angels of mercy visit believers, and angels of punishment come to unbelievers.

Faith In Life After Death

The end of the world will be followed by a resurrection. By order of the Lord, an angel trumpets three times in the forge. After the first time, the inhabitants of the Earth, with the exception of those saved by the Lord Himself, will fall unconscious. The earth will become flat, the mountains will turn into dust, the sky will split, the planets will disappear, and the graves will turn over.

Faith In Life After Death
Faith In Life After Death

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Angel trumpet a second time. Then people will rise in their former bodies and come out of their graves. This will be the beginning of the last, third stage of human life.

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The Lord will convene all people, believers and infidels, jinn, devils, even wild animals. Angels chase all people barefoot, naked and uncircumcised to the Great Place of Collection. People, sweating under the scorching sun and terrified, will wait for the beginning of the judgement. Only the righteous will be able to hide in the shadow of the Majestic Throne of the Lord.

When waiting becomes unbearably painful, people will turn to the prophets to ask the Lord to ease their fate.

They will install scales on which the good and bad deeds of people will be weighed. Then everyone will receive a book of their own deeds. Those who receive it in their right hand will have an easy fate: he will return to his family happy. To whom the book will be handed in his left hand, he will wish to be dead, for his destiny is to burn in Fire. He will be overwhelmed with regret: it would be better if he never saw this book.

Then the judgement will begin. Believers are aware of their mistakes and will be forgiven. The infidels cannot provide any good deed, for they have already been rewarded for them in worldly life. Some Islamic scholars believe that the punishment of infidels can be facilitated in view of their good deeds.

Siraat is a bridge over the abyss of Hell leading to Paradise. Anyone who adheres to the religion of God in the world will easily pass through it.

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At the conclusion of the last Judgement, Heaven and Hell will become the place of existence of the righteous and the damned. Heaven and Hell are real and eternal. The pleasure and joy of the inhabitants of Paradise will last forever, and the torments of the people of Hell will never be relieved. Unlike other religions, where the righteous are guaranteed in Paradise, and sinners in Hell, Islam has its own nuances: 1) even believers can go to Hell for the great sins left without repentance; 2) Heaven and Hell have several degrees.

Paradise is an eternal place of bodily pleasures and spiritual delight. There will not be the slightest suffering. Any wishes will be fulfilled. Palaces, servants, wealth, rivers of paradise wine (it does not intoxicate – ed.), Milk and honey, incense, gentle voices, the most pure maidens … A man will never get bored, he will never get enough.

A paradise for those who worshipped God alone, believed and followed their prophets and lived according to their teachings and Scripture.

Hell will be the seat of those who denied God, worshipped anyone besides Him, did not heed the call of the prophets, sinned, but never repented.

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