A Healthy Way Of Fasting During Pregnancy

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Healthy Way Fasting Pregnancy: A Healthy Way Of Fasting During Pregnancy
Healthy Way Fasting Pregnancy: A Healthy Way Of Fasting During Pregnancy

The period of pregnancy is certainly a very exciting time for a woman. Especially for those who have long waited for the presence of baby. However, what if in this pregnancy a woman faced the obligation to fast Ramadan. Can they continue to live even if pregnant. The following explanation of bidanku.com: (Healthy Way Fasting Pregnancy)

In running the fast for those of you who are in the stage of pregnancy, where fasting can be dangerous for the mother and fetus. Islamic teachings also exclude women from fasting ie those who breastfeed, get pregnant and those who are menstruating. As the baby grows in the womb, the fetus really depends on you for the necessary protein, nutrients and vitamins. It is recommended that women not have to fast during the first and third trimesters. However, the condition of pregnant women will be different, you should get health information to ensure your health and the fetus.


Feeding the poor and needy is an act that draws us closer to Allah. We earn His forgiveness, mercies and blessings through this act of charity.

“Anyone who looks after and works for a widow and a poor person is like a warrior fighting for Allah?s cause, or like a person who fasts during the day and prays all night. (Bukhari)

Doctor’s opinion becomes your decision

Talk to your doctor to get an idea of ​​your health condition, if you feel obliged to fast. An obstetrician or midwife is a person who knows the history of the excellent health conditions required by the fetus. There is nothing wrong to observe the fast during Ramadan, if on the first day you experience some problems you can immediately consult back to the doctor. Do not force if it turns out your condition is not strong so as not to experience a bad situation for the baby being conceived.

The influence of fasting during pregnancy

Healthy Way Fasting Pregnancy: A Healthy Way Of Fasting During Pregnancy
Healthy Way Fasting Pregnancy: A Healthy Way Of Fasting During Pregnancy

There can know the short-term or long-term effects of fasting during pregnancy. Many women choose to fast even if they are pregnant. Fasting during pregnancy can increase your risk for a low birth weight baby if the nutrition is not sufficient. Mothers who experience extreme nausea and vomiting during the first trimester should consider fasting. Do not force it to trigger a bad influence on your baby. Pregnant women or breastfeeding mothers need the supply of essential nutrients, vitamins, proteins, folic acid, and minerals. You must keep your nutritional intake for your baby and baby’s health. Fasting can affect the development of the fetus if the need is not fulfilled. Fasting on a forced pregnancy in your condition and a weak fetus may increase the risk for the fetus such as abnormal breathing movements, low birth weight, or dehydration.

A healthy way of fasting during pregnancy

A life that grows in the womb depends on you. If you feel hungry, then the fetus will starve as well. If you consume healthy foods, the fetus will be healthy as well. If you are fasting during your pregnancy then provide nutrients throughout the day so that the fetus does not come fast as well. Here’s how you can take when maintaining fetal health during pregnancy:

Five Approaches To Show Solidarity And Respect To The Muslim Observing The Islamic Holy Month Of Ramadan

Drink plenty of water when meal and break fast to avoid dehydration
Breaking the fast with healthy foods that include diverse food types to get the nutritional adequacy of the fetus.
Increase consumption of healthy foods that are beneficial to the fetus such as fruits, milk, nuts, etc.
If you feel very weak on the day you are fasting rest a while to recover the condition
Avoid the first activities so heavy that you physically get tired quickly.


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