Modesty Is A Feature Of Our Religion

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The Messenger of Allah (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him) said: “Each religion has its own peculiarity, and the mode of Islam is modesty” (Bukhari).

Indeed, modesty is a feature of our religion, a feature that protects people from low deeds, and modesty is also a manifestation of faith.


Feeding the poor and needy is an act that draws us closer to Allah. We earn His forgiveness, mercies and blessings through this act of charity.

“Anyone who looks after and works for a widow and a poor person is like a warrior fighting for Allah?s cause, or like a person who fasts during the day and prays all night. (Bukhari)

Islam requires modesty in everything, including in matters of clothing. The Holy Quran says:

Hijab In Islam: Modesty Is A Feature Of Our Religion (World Hijab Day)
Hijab In Islam: Modesty Is A Feature Of Our Religion (World Hijab Day)

“Tell the believing women to lower their eyes and take care of their flesh [do not commit adultery]. And so that they do not flaunt their beauty (so as not to expose their bodies; do not dress up and do not paint themselves in order to attract the attention of strangers), besides only that which is obvious. And let the shawl be thrown over the chest (let the neckline on the clothes in the chest area not be left open). Let them not demonstrate their [female] beauty, except to their husbands ”(24:31).

As you know, February 1 is World Hijab Day. On this day, events are held around the world aimed at raising public awareness of the Muslim shawl.

I would like to hope that this day will dispel the stereotypes that have been formed in recent years, and will be another reminder of the importance of observing the orders of the Almighty.

Unfortunately, the words “Islam” and “hijab” are often associated with something negative, this is largely due to the tragic events that occurred due to the fault of people who failed to comprehend the essence of the religion of Islam.

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Hijab for Muslim women is not just clothes, but a way of life. A girl, a woman who consciously wears a hijab, will shun everything sinful and forbidden. Her modesty in clothing will be reflected in communication, in relations with people, in work and leisure activities, etc.


If we turn to the hadiths of the Prophet Muhammad (SAWm), we will notice how important it is for a believer to be humble and bashful:

“Shamefulness is an adornment of any thing, and obscenity is a vice” (Al-Tirmidhi).
“Allah inspired me so that you could abstain modesty, not be proud of one another, and not offend one another.” (Muslim) “Verily, you are appearing before your brothers, before people! Make your vehicle to be good, make your clothes to be good, so that you become an example to others. Indeed, Allah does not love obscenity, indecent, sloppy ”(Abu Dawud).

If before, many peoples wearing a headdress was a certain norm, then over time, ideas about the female image have changed significantly. For modern society, a completely different approach to choosing clothes has become familiar.

Hijab In Islam: Modesty Is A Feature Of Our Religion (World Hijab Day)
Hijab In Islam: Modesty Is A Feature Of Our Religion (World Hijab Day)

Often these clothes are contrary to the moral and ethical standards of any religion. New fashion standards dictate their own rules. However, the instructions of the Almighty remain unchanged, because in them lies the wisdom of the Creator and good for the believers themselves.

Unfortunately, we have to admit that even the ban on hijab is practiced today, when Muslim women are not allowed to attend state schools in a headscarf. institutions, etc., thereby infringing on their rights in the free exercise of religion.

I believe that a hijab is not something to be fought with, especially now when there are many other problems in the world. It is necessary to fight against the injustice and immorality of people.

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Another very important point: Muslim women need to understand the huge responsibility that lies with them. Very often people judge Islam precisely through those professing it, through the Muslims themselves. Of particular note in this regard are Muslim women.

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Therefore, putting on the hijab, the external decoration, you should not forget about your inner state: about behavior, words and deeds.

Let the hijab become for you a means on the way to the truth, and perhaps an appeal to other people on this way!

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