‘Hijabi Women Got Less Positive Response from Employers in Netherlands, Germany’

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Muslim women who attach their hijab pictures to their CV when applying for a job in the Netherlands and Germany are less likely to get a calling for a personal interview, a new research has found.


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The academic article, published by the European Sociological Review journal, pointed that discrimination generally occurred when the job required face-to-face public dealings with clients and customers, TRT reported.

“We present robust evidence that veiled Muslim women are discriminated against in Germany and the Netherlands, but only when applying for jobs that require a high level of customer contact,” the research read.

“In Spain, however, the level of discrimination against veiled Muslim women is much smaller than in the other two countries.” 

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In an extensive field experiment, researchers Marina Fernandez-Reino, Valentina Di Stasio, and Susanne Veit picked a set of candidates and filed two job applications for each one of them.

While one application was attached with a hijab-wearing photograph, the other was without a hijab.

In the Netherlands, almost 70 percent of job applications that included a photograph of an unveiled woman received a positive callback for jobs requiring high customer-contact. But for applications with hijab-clad photographs the positive rate was 35 percent. 

“The high level of discrimination we found in the Netherlands, where the institutional context has traditionally been open to the accommodation of religious minority rights, is particularly surprising and points to the possibly stigmatizing effect of recent policies geared towards the cultural assimilation of immigrants,” the researchers noted.

'Hijabi Women Got Less Positive Response from Employers in Netherlands, Germany' - About Islam

Blatant Discrimination

The experiment gave similar results in Germany as 53 percent of non-hijabi Muslim women received a positive feedback from employers, compared to only around 25 percent of hijabi women.

In Spain, however, the level of discrimination against veiled Muslim women were not statistically significant.

Commenting on the results of the research, activist Jihad al-Haq attacked European culture, saying, “Europeans think that their racism is okay, because they have good reasons to be racist.”

“It takes courage to wear the hijab on a daily basis, and I think we will never get to a point where we don’t worry a little bit about hijab discrimination,” said researcher Voula Via.

The recent findings reflected some studies indicating that hijabi Muslim women face discrimination in the job market.

research conducted by Doris Weichselbaumer from Cornell University found in 2019 that in Germany, not only the hijab wearing women, but also women with non-German names implying immigrant background also faced discrimination. 

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