How to Get Over a Heartbreak in Islam

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How to Get Over a Heartbreak in Islam

Islam doesn’t know and doesn’t allowed relationship between man and woman before marriage. So a Muslim needs to come to his sense to get done with whatever romantic relationship he has with a woman. That is actually the best decision a Muslim could ever make, as it draws him closer with Allah.

But it also undeniable that breaking up is very sad, and that person should deal with heartbreak afterwards. But don’t worry because there no problem with no solution in Islam. Here are the ways how to get over a heartbreak in Islam for you:


Feeding the poor and needy is an act that draws us closer to Allah. We earn His forgiveness, mercies and blessings through this act of charity.

“Anyone who looks after and works for a widow and a poor person is like a warrior fighting for Allah?s cause, or like a person who fasts during the day and prays all night. (Bukhari)

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Don’t Hope for Uncertain Things

How to Get Over a Heartbreak in Islam
How to Get Over a Heartbreak in Islam

Upon the breakup, don’t make any promise with that person. It will only keep you hanging when they said, “Let’s meet again in a better condition,” or “When the time is better,”. You have to stop all of that and rely only to Allah’s fate. If they are the one who is destined for you, you surely will meet one another without making such promises. It only make both of you feel miserable even more, and harder to get over the heartbreak. Cut it down to the core and move on.

Cut All the Contacts and Memories

Memories are thing you wished to keep forever, because you don’t want to forget the way you feel at the time. But keeping the memories about them only make you remember them all the time. Which will make you harder to move on.

Delete all the texts, photos, emails, message, and don’t save their phone number anymore. Try not to meet them or run into each other as much as possible. Stop stalking them and find out what they’re up to.

Don’t be Wondering

The early stage of heartbreak is the hardest. You seem to be not wanting to let them go, and you often wondering whether they still think about you or not. Which will also tempt you wanting to know their recent whereabouts. Stop wasting time wondering about the thing that is not sure and you could be ended as the one got hurt instead. Just keep in mind that they’re just doing fine without you, as so are you.

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He/She is Not Right for You

Allah SWT would save you from things that may hurt you, even though He has to break your heart. Relationship before marriage is wrong to begin with, and it won’t get right no matter how much time has passed. You loved them out of desire, which is very close with Shaytaan, not for the sake of Allah. Because they are not the right one for you, start a relationship with the right foundation first, so Allah SWT will help you to keep it going.

Don’t Hold Everything In

When you are upset, don’t keep it alone for yourself. It does no good for you. Instead, talk to Allah and let Him know how you feel. He understands whatever the language you use, even when you are just sitting and crying, He knows what’s deep inside you heart. Cry to Allah, let out all of your sadness to Him. Do all the things possible to get you close with Allah. Start with the Tahajjud prayer. Who knows this is the starting point for you to be a better Muslim. [AdSense-B]

Do What You Like

Doing what you like helps you to get over a heartbreak fast. Doing the religious acts is more important, but you need to entertain yourself as well. Playing sports, traveling, hiking, anything you like to do. As long as it is within the Sharia law and cause no harm to other people. Keep your body busy and your mind full, so you have no time to think about the heartbreak.

Fill Your Heart with the Love for Allah

How to Get Over a Heartbreak in Islam
How to Get Over a Heartbreak in Islam

You should never love human being more than you love your own Creator. Knowing that loving human too much is wrong, let the love for Allah be filling your heart. There is certain kind of love that you will never get it from any human exist. Only Allah SWT, the Most Gracious and the Most Merciful can fill your heart with that love. He takes care of you when you have no one on your side. Ask for His forgiveness, admit that you have done wrong, and prove Him that you could be a better Muslim. Don’t be afraid to be left alone, because Allah is with you.

Pray for Something Better

Pray to Allah for something better, just like what Ummu Salamah did. She prayed for the something better and ended up marrying Prophet Muhammad (SAW). So, ask for something better to Allah, and you never know what you may get.

Evaluate Yourself

Ask yourself and find the answer within you. What’s wrong with what you have done? Ask people who are more knowledgeable, such as your parents. Emphasize this time to create a better relationship with your mother and father.

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Learn About What True Love is

Seems like you’ve got a wrong perception in love. Learn more about true love in Islam. Read about the greatest love story ever existed between the Prophet (SAW) and Khadijah. Even after years, the Prophet (SAW) sadness upon the death of Khadijah never ceased.

More Ways How to Get Over a Heartbreak in Islam

  • Do many good deeds and spread happiness around.
  • Don’t dream about marriage at such a young age. You will eventually get married later.
  • This too shall pass, don’t waste your time to get sad and even thinking that your world is already over.
  • Do what you always want to do, and rediscover the new you through that.
  • Take care of yourself and make yourself be grateful because you are you, and how you have made it so far.

So those are what you can on how to get over a heartbreak in Islam. It might be hard at first, but Allah will make us strong and we will be even a stronger person after that. The way to earn the blessing from Allah is never easy, but the rewards will come as very big.

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