I’m a pretty typical European woman who was born into a non-practicing Christian family and lived all her life in the Western world. I was born in London but I am originally Polish, so I have lived one third of my life in Poland, one third in Spain and have spent the past decade in the U.K.

In my early twenties—which I believe are a crucial time for anyone’s personal development—I went through a depression and developed bulimia. It happened right after I left Poland for Spain to pursue my dream of going to university there and finding an exciting job in advertising.

Instead, I ended up being disappointed with the degree, feeling very lonely and without a job. I knew that life quite often doesn’t happen as expected, and realized the problem wasn’t in the situations and people around me, but rather in the way I reacted to challenges in life.

I have always interested in personal development, spirituality and meditation, but I never thought then that it would lead me to converting to Islam, or that becoming a Muslim who eventually lead me to start a business focused on wellbeing.