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    10 Incredible Benefits Of Converting To Islam

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    Islam conversion benefits: The topic of conversion to Islam is covered in many articles and videos of our site and other website. Some tell us how easy it is to embrace Islam, others deal with the difficulties that make it difficult to become a Muslim. Those who managed to overcome all the difficulties on the way to Islam share their joy and inspire others with heartfelt stories. Conversion to Islam is viewed from different perspectives. We will talk about the most 10 incredible benefits of converting to Islam in this articles.

    The most obvious thing that a person acquires by becoming a Muslim is undoubtedly a feeling of peace. Anyone who has managed to realize the essence, the truth of his existence, inevitably finds peace and confidence. Establishing a direct and pure connection with the Creator is a way to free oneself. This is an important, but by no means the only advantage of coming to Islam. Let’s look at other

    1. Conversion to Islam exempts from submission to systems and ways of life, invented and imposed by man.

    Islam clarifies the mind, relieves it of prejudice and uncertainty. Islam cleanses the soul from sin and depravity. Islam frees the mind from fear and depression. Submission to the will of God does not oppress freedom, but rather provides the highest degree of independence from prejudice and stereotypes, fills the mind with knowledge.

    Once Islam is accepted, a person will cease to be a slave to fashion, superstition, fanaticism, the monetary system – all that governs the lives of other people who did not want to completely and sincerely obey God. The believer knows that all talk of luck and bad luck is nonsense. Both good and bad are given by the Lord. As the prophet Muhammad (SAW) says, everything that happens to a believer is a blessing. “When it is easy for him, then he is grateful, and this is good for him. If difficulties comprehend, he shows perseverance and patience, and this is good for him. ”

    A liberated mind and heart are ready to worship God properly. Such a person entrusts himself to the Almighty, fully relies on Him and sincerely seeks to earn His Grace.

    2. Conversion to Islam makes it possible to truly experience the love of God.

    Islam conversion Benefits: 10 Incredible Benefits Of Converting To Islam
    Islam conversion Benefits: 10 Incredible Benefits Of Converting To Islam

    Having converted to Islam, a person begins to follow the guidance of God – the Qur’an and the Sunnah (the teachings of the Prophet), and thereby deserves the love of the Most High. The Lord created the world and took care of its safety and prosperity; He gave man a strong rope. Clutching her tightly, people will surely succeed. In the Holy Quran, the Most High expresses His Will very clearly in relation to man, but at the same time, it should be remembered that people always make their own choices, they themselves decide to please God or angry Him:

    “Say:“ If you love Allah, then follow me, and then Allah will love you and forgive you your sins, for Allah is Forgiving, Merciful ”(Quran 3:31)

    “Whoever seeks a religion other than Islam, this will never be accepted, and in the Hereafter he will be among the victims of the losers” (Quran 3:85).

    “There is no compulsion in religion. The direct path is already distinguished from delusion. He who does not believe in Taghut, but believes in Allah, has seized upon the most reliable handle that will never break. Allah is Hearer, Knower ”(Quran 2: 256).

    3. Allah the Most High promises Paradise to the believers.

    Paradise, as the Qur’an says, is a place of eternal bliss, and it is promised to believers. This is truly the greatest reward. Whoever rejects the Lord, worships other deities, or claims that God has a son, daughter, or associate, will be cast into the Fire of Hell. Conversion to Islam will save a person from the torment of the grave, the suffering of Judgment Day and the eternal Hell.

    “Those who believed and performed righteous acts, We will certainly settle in the upper rooms in Paradise, in which rivers flow. They will be there forever. How wonderful is the reward of the workers.”(Quran 29: 58).

    4. By Accepting Islam, a person gains peace and tranquility.

    Islam itself is essentially associated with peace and tranquillity. The words Islam, Muslim (Muslim) and Salam come from one root – “Sa la ma”, which stands for peace and security.

    Nothing darkened, full happiness is only in Paradise. There, a person learns perfect peace, security, the absolute absence of fear, pain … But already in this world, by accepting Islam, we can know happiness. The desire to win the contentment of God, sincere and pure worship of Him – this is the key to happiness in both worlds.

    Islam as a way of life: It clearly identifies our rights, obligations and responsibilities towards people, animals, and the environment. In Islam, there are answers to all life questions – big and small.

    5. In Islam, a person finds the answers to all important life questions.

    Islam seems to dispel the fog in which a person has been before. Life with all its ups and downs suddenly acquires meaning, it becomes so simple and understandable. Find answers to questions that tormented human minds for millennia. Sometimes, thinking about life, we think: is this really all? No, that’s not all. Life is a temporary haven. It will be followed by real, eternal life. Islam denotes the clear purpose of life. We Muslims find it in the Qur’an, in the Sunnah of the Prophet, may Allah bless him and greet.

    To be a Muslim implies complete submission to God and the realization that we were created only to worship Him. That is why we are here – on this rotating planet, in this seemingly infinite Universe – for the sake of worshiping God! Conversion to Islam saves us from that one unpardonable sin – the tradition of associate to the Great and Only Lord.

    “I created the jinn and people only so that they worship Me” (Quran 51:56).

    “We sent Nuh (Noah) to his people, and he said:“ O my people! Worship Allah, for you have no other deity besides Him … ”(Quran 7:59).

    It should be said that the Most High does not need our worship. Even if not a single person would bow to Him, it would not diminish His greatness, and if all of humanity worshiped Him, it would not make Him even greater, for God is the Greatest. [1] Worship is needed by ourselves. So we feel calm and safe.

    6. By accepting Islam, we transform all aspect of life into act worship.

    Islam Religion is given for the benefit of mankind, which will last until the Day of Judgment. Islam is a full-fledged way of life, and not something that is practiced only on holidays, weekends, etc. The believer is connected with God twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week. By His mercy, the Most High did not leave us to wander in the darkness of ignorance, but gave us a comprehensive guide to life – the Holy Quran and the Sunnah of the Prophet (which explains all the provisions of the Quran). It covers all aspects: spiritual, emotional, physical.

    Islam takes into account the physical and spiritual needs of man. The system created by the Almighty, not only implies a highly moral behavior of a person, but also turns all his deeds into worship. The Lord calls believers to devote their whole lives to Him.

    “Say:“ Verily, my prayer and my sacrifice, my life and my death are dedicated to Allah, the Lord of the worlds ”(Quran 6: 162).

    7. Conversion to Islam brings harmony into all relationships.

    No one can know a person; the human soul is better than its Creator. He knows what is good for us and what is evil. Therefore, Islam describes in detail what our relations with others should be: God, parents, spouses, children, relatives, neighbors, etc. It turns chaos into order, confusion into harmony, conflict into the world. Convercting to Islam gives you the opportunity to accept any situation with confidence.

    In fulfilling our duties towards God, we automatically acquire the moral qualities required by Islam. To come to Islam means to submit yourself to the Allah, and such submission means showing respect for the rights of another person, other sentient beings and even the outside world. We must know and obey God in order to make decisions that please Him.

    Converting to Islam, mercy, forgiveness, trials and tribulations.

    There are so many people in the world who spend countless hours studying the principles of Islam. They read and reread the semantic translation of the Holy Quran, admire, turning over the pages of the life of the Prophet Muhammad, may Allah bless him and welcome. Someone needs only one glance at Islam to become a Muslim, and someone hesitates to make a decision, even a hundred times making sure of the truth of this religion, which threatens their well-being in the next life. Therefore, today we will continue to talk about the benefits of conversion to Islam. Sometimes they are not so obvious, but no less significant.

    “Whoever seeks a religion other than Islam, this will never be accepted, and in the Hereafter he will be among the victims of the losers.” (Quran 3:85).

    8. Conversion to Islam is the first step towards establishing a lifelong relationship with the Creator (Allah).

    Every person comes to this world already knowing that God is one. The Prophet Muhammad, may Allah bless him, said that every child is born in a state of fitrah, with a full and correct understanding of who God is. Fitra is a nature. Man instinctively knows that God exists, and subconsciously seeks to worship Him. Anyone who has not yet known God or does not keep in touch with Him may find life difficult. But as soon as a person allowing God into their lives and he begins to worship Allah in the manner He prescribes, this will gives a whole new meaning to life.

    “Verily, the remembrance of Allah calms the heart” (Quran 13:28).

    Through worship, one understands how close the Supreme is, how boundless his knowledge and wisdom are. The believer is calm from the thought that even being in heaven, the Lord is always with him and is ready to provide help at any moment. The Muslim is never alone.

    “He knows that which penetrates the earth, and that which comes out of it, and that which comes down from heaven, and that which goes back to it. He is with you, wherever you are. Allah sees everything you do ”(Quran 57: 4).

    9. By accepting Islam, a person gains the mercy of God and His forgiveness.

    Often a person feels lost and lonely. At such times he cries out to God, seeking His help, mercy and forgiveness. When a person is sincere in conversion, the Lord grants him peace, and the person sees the expression of divine mercy in his surroundings. For worship to take place properly (as the Lord prescribed), we must first know Him. Conversion to Islam opens the door to knowledge.

    Many are ashamed of their sins. But becoming a Muslim, a man opens a new page in life. The Lord forgives him of all previous sins, for His mercy knows no bounds. The soul of a Muslim convert is as pure as a baby’s.

    “Tell unbelievers that if they stop, they will be forgiven for what was in the past. But if they return to unbelief, then there were already examples of the first generations ”(Quran 8:38).

    Even if a person sins, having already accepted Islam, the door of repentance is always open for him.

    “O you who believe! Repent to Allah sincerely! May your Lord forgive your wickedness and bring you into the Paradise (Garden under which rivers flow) … ”(Quran 66: 8).

    10. Conversion to Islam teaches us that difficulties and tests are part of being human.

    Having accepted Islam, a person begins to understand that trials, hardships, and good luck are not an accident, but part of God’s plan. Everything is orderly, and it happens exactly as He predestined.

    Islam conversion Benefits: 10 Incredible Benefits Of Converting To Islam
    Islam conversion Benefits: 10 Incredible Benefits Of Converting To Islam

    Allah tells us and warned us that we will be tested, and He urges us to bear our tests and tribulations patiently.. While a person is not in Islam, it is difficult for him to understand. But a Muslim knows exactly how to behave when hard times come, because the Allah himself taught him in the Holy Quran and there is always an example from the life of the Prophet, may Allah bless him. Having such knowledge, a person patiently experiences difficulties and even remains grateful to God.

    “We will certainly test you with a slight fear, hunger, loss of property, lives and fruits. but Allah give glad tidings to the patient ones.”(Quran 2: 155).

    The Prophet Muhammad, may Allah bless him, said: “A person will be tested according to his conviction, and trials will occur until he walks the earth without the burden of sins.” The Muslim knows that present life is just an intermediate place of stay, a small “pass” on the way to real eternal life in Heaven or Hell. To meet the Creator without being burdened with sins is without a doubt a great reward. There are many advantages of converting to Islam; we list only the most obvious of them.

    In conclusion, let us recall another advantage that supports us every day. Whatever the situation of the believer, he is convinced that nothing in the Universe happens without God’s permission. Challenges, difficulties, joys – in all is good. If you take them in full trust in the Lord, then they will surely see a happy outcome and complete satisfaction. The Prophet Muhammad, may Allah bless him and please with Him, says: “Indeed, the deeds of the believer are amazing. Any situation – to his benefit. If he is easy, then he is grateful, and this is for his benefit. If he is comprehended by difficulties, he shows patience, and this is in his favor. ”

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