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    Islam The Religion of Peace

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    While the Arabic word “Salam” means “Peace,” and the Arabic word “Islam” means Submission (to the will of God), Islam (Submission) is not the Religion of peace. Can peace be attained by submitting? Of course. However, it is not the religion of peace, it is the religion of Abraham, the Upright, the religion of Truth. In fact, The Holy Recitation, upon which Religion is based, states five times that this is the Religion of “Abraham” and three times that it is the Religion of “Truth”.

    “[Quran 2; Verse 130, 2; 135, 3; 95, 4; 125, 6;161]

    “[Quran 9; 33, 48; 28, 61; 9](The Arabic word “Qur’an” means Recitation.)

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    In fact, in The Holy Recitation, it states: “And of the people there are some who say, ‘We believe in Allah and the Last Day’; while they are not believers at all. . . . In their hearts was a disease, and Allah has increased their disease to them; and for them is a grievous punishment because they used to lie. . . . And when it is said to them: ‘Create not disorder on the earth,’ they say: ‘We are only promoters of peace.’ Beware! It is surely they who create disorder, but they do not perceive it. And when it is said to them, ‘Believe as other people have believed,’ they say: ‘Shall we believe as the foolish have believed?’ Beware! It is surely they that are foolish. . . .” [2; 8-13]

    These are the same people who have split up Religion into sects, which is wrong according to The Holy Recitation: “So set your face towards religion being ever inclined to truth. . . . That is the right religion. But most men know not. Set your face to God, turning to Him in repentance, and fear Him, and observe Prayer, and be not of those who associate partners with God—Of those who split up their religion and have become divided into sects; every party rejoicing in what they have.” [30; 30-32]

    Islam The Religion of Peace
    Islam The Religion of Peace

    These people may say that they are not of those who associate partners with God. (That they believe in only One God.) But these are those who have split up your religion into sects. Why then do you not consider the reasons for which you have your sects? Is it because of things like sayings, traditions, and / or views of men who guide you towards one path or another, or is it because of The Holy Recitation (from God)? Surely, it is not due to The Holy Recitation, for We have just presented to you that The Holy Recitation does not condone splitting up Religion into sects. Thus, in following / believing in these historic sayings, traditions, and / or views of men (however educated they may be) to the extent that you have become divided among yourselves in the matter of Religion—please try to understand that, indeed, you have done just that, you have combined partners with God.

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