How To Make Quran Learning Interesting For Kids and Its Benefits

Hadith: The best of you is the one who learns the Qur’an and teaches it. – Sahih Bukhari

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Making Quran Learning Interesting For Kids and Its Benefits

Quran undeniably is the ultimate truth and the supreme source of guidance for a Muslim. Islamic doctrines are all embodied in Quran and it is in the light of these doctrines that a Muslim tries to spend his or her life. The more a life is spent under the light of Quran, the chances of having a better life in this world and in the world hereafter increase exponentially.

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Feeding the poor and needy is an act that draws us closer to Allah. We earn His forgiveness, mercies and blessings through this act of charity.

“Anyone who looks after and works for a widow and a poor person is like a warrior fighting for Allah?s cause, or like a person who fasts during the day and prays all night. (Bukhari)

When it comes to learning of Quran, the pursuit of it is a mandatory part of every Muslim household. Muslim parents make sure that their children start learning Quran at an early age so that they could finish it in time and then throughout their rest of life consult and recite Quran for their respective purposes.

Children are not aware of what Quran is and what importance does it carry for a Muslim, so the duty heavily rests upon Muslim parents to make sure that the child develops an interest in Quran and learns Quran with interest. The forceful learning of Quran would result in learning but when it is done with interest it means greater and better understanding. Therefore, it is imperative that children learn Quran with interest.

Making quran learning intresting

The lines below give some tips on how the parents can develop an interest of children in Quran learning and what benefits does Quran learning bring to children.

Developing Interest

The development of interest in Quran learning in children can be done in almost the same way as is done in reading of other Books. However, the development of interest in Quran comes with a certain level of sanctity and respect that should not be breached. In this regard, the following tips can help Muslim parents in developing interest of their children in Quran.

1. Variety

The first thing that can help develop the interest of the children in Quran learning is variety. The variety is not in the sense that they should be taught anything other than Quran, rather the Quran learning should be pursued in various ways. For instance, the parents can have the children read Quran, then teach them to recite the same verses on another day and after some days one could ask the children to memorize a particular verse. This type of variety keeps the children interested and keeps the boredom away from the children making sure that every day they pursue learning of Quran with a new spirit and work their best everyday to meet daily objectives.

2. Entertaining

The other thing that can be done to ensure that children stay interested in learning Quran is making it entertaining. There are a variety of ways in which the learning of Quran could be kept entertaining. For instance, the parents can tell the children about the stories in Quran and then ask the children to read the whole stories. Moreover, after reading Quran, parents can hold a quiz in which they can check the learning of children to ensure that they are gaining anything from what they are learning or not. This type of quizzes and storytelling keeps the children interested in Quran and they continue on learning.

3. Consistency

Consistency in learning Quran is another thing that needs to be ensured pertaining to learning of kids. The parents need to make sure that there is a devised schedule of learning and the children are to give s specific time in their schedule for learning. No matter whether it is a single verse that children learn on daily basis, however, it is the consistency in learning that needs to be ensured so that children remain in the habit of learning Quran and no gap in learning occurs, which could derail the whole process. Ergo, before initiating the Quran learning process of children, parents should devise a proper plan that they would follow in their future learning.

4. Make Use of Islamic Applications

Another viable way of making Quran education interesting for your kids is to involve technology and educate your kids through islamic learning applications. While itself offers online Quran tutoring classes, it also has developed a large portfolio of Islamic learning applications for mobile users that can be used to make things interactive for your children. You can checkout list of Islamic Learning Applications for Android & iOS gadgets and select the ones that are needed.

Benefits Of Quran For Children

The benefits of Quran, whether of religious, spiritual or worldly regards cannot be counted. However, for children the few major benefits which learning of Quran brings are as follows:

1. Islamic Education

How To Make Quran Learning Interesting For Kids and Its Benefits
How To Make Quran Learning Interesting For Kids and Its Benefits

The first and perhaps the foremost important benefit of Quran learning for kids would be that they will get Islamic education and would get a better understanding of what Islam is and how it tends to guide humans. Quran is the word of Allah, therefore, by reading Quran, they would be directly getting exposed to the instructions of Allah Almighty which will give them firsthand knowledge of Islam. When children get to know about Islam at such an early age, the later part of their life they spend on implementing what they have learned. Therefore, early education of Quran for children means they becoming better and practicing Muslims.

2 Bonding With Parents

When parents take interest in Quran learning of children and supervise it themselves, it helps increase the chances of parent children bonding. Firstly by learning Quran children get to realize the importance and respect of parents in Islam, however, when they see parents taking interest in their learning and parents leading from front by putting Quran and Islam into practice the chances of them respecting the parents more and growing closer to them also increase. Therefore, the interest of parents in Quran learning of their children results in strengthening of parent-children bond that lays the foundation for a healthy relationship.

3. Peace Of Mind

The words of Quran have an effect on the spiritual health of a person. When children start learning and reading Quran at such an early age, the chances of them getting influenced by its spiritual effects increase and the children are able to experience the peace and serenity the recitation of Quran brings to their lives. This might seem a trivial thing to children, however, it is the parents who realize that when the children grow up with the habit of Quran reading and recitation, they will definitely rely on Quran as a means of providing them guidance, solace, peace and serenity which comes quite handy in the world of today.


In a nutshell, it is imperative that parents get the children into the habit of learning Quran from a young age. Moreover, this does not mean that parents should only resort to use of force for making children learn Quran, rather, parents need to improvise and use ways that makes learning easier and interesting for children.

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