Media propaganda to brainwash the Europeans has touched unimaginable levels.

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By: Zubair Khan


Feeding the poor and needy is an act that draws us closer to Allah. We earn His forgiveness, mercies and blessings through this act of charity.

“Anyone who looks after and works for a widow and a poor person is like a warrior fighting for Allah?s cause, or like a person who fasts during the day and prays all night. (Bukhari)

From the last few weeks a conflict is on in the European continent between Ukraine and Russia. Each day the conflict is not only getting pace rather expanding also. According to the latest information, Russia is preparing a massive attack in the Donbas Region. Similarly rumours are that blocking of the Suwalki Corridor connecting Poland and Lithuania is also on the attack list by Russia. If it is implemented the conflict will turn into a war between Nato and Russia thus pushing various EU countries into this war. From the very beginning of this conflict, against the norms of freedom of expression, Russian print and electronic media have been banned in the whole of Europe thus only one way information flow is available to the European volk. Main aim of banning Russian Media seems to be the brainwashing of all Europeans.
The Basic and foremost point about this conflict is this is not about Ukraine, this is about a world order in which the United States wants to be the sole sovereign and dominant. This all is about removing the obstacle in the form of Russia and China on the way to building a unipolar world. It considers Russia its competitor in the military field and China in the economic field. If Russia and China join hands the super power fantazy of the USA evaporates. In order to harness the Russian military might, since 1991, USA had been trying to expand NATO in the countries surrounding Russia.
According to Russian thinking, joining Ukraine in NATO explicitly exposes the danger of normal as well nuke missiles attack on all Russian cities if these are installed on the Eastern borders of Ukraine. About Eastward NATO expansion the fact is that on the eve of unification of Germany, both Helmut Köhl and Michael Gorbatschow pledged not to expand NATO eastwards. Unfortunately this pledge was made verbally between two gentlemen. Later whenever Russian objected, non-existence of any written agreement always let the Russians down. Russia annexed Crimea in 2014 as a warning shot for NATO not to consider Ukraine for NATO Eastward expansion. However during security conferences held in Germany in 2021 and early 2022, it became evident that Ukraine is being lured to join NATO in near future, the Russians decided to recognize two independent Republics in the Donbas Region, which can serve as buffer zone for Russia, thus enabling itself to exercise the right of helping these republics militarily.
Under special planning, a Pro-American President was installed in Ukraine during the election conducted in March/April 2019. With a new Pro-American incubate in the President’s office USA started its planning and directed Ukraine to enmass its army both in East and South regions. Intermittently it was announced that sooner or later Ukraine intended to take back Crimea from Russians. On detection of Biolabs in Ukraine near the Russian borders as well as a few other suspicious activities, Russia decided to launch the special operation in major parts of Ukraine. However this time Russians had to face not only the Ukrainian Army rather the weaponry might of US and NATO. From the very beginning Russia warned the West of the nuclear option if the US or any NATO country physically participated in the conflict. In the ongoing conflict through covert actions US and NATO assisted tremendously both with equipment and mercenaries thus causing heavy losses to Russia.
Very heavy sanctions were also imposed on Russia to cripple its economy. US exerted main pressure on Germany which resulted in decommissioning of Gas Pipeline Nord Stream-II. However Germany did resist complete closure of gas and oil imports from Russia unless an alternative is found. Here it should be remembered that Since World War II, it has always been US policy to prevent Germany and Russia or the USSR from working more closely together. These are the two biggest powers in Europe. Historically, there have always been economic relations between Germany and Russia. The USA has always tried to prevent that. In the beginning the current Chancellor of Germany did not buy the idea of decommissioning the Nordstream II but then bowed to the US Pressure. Austria is also on the same board of resistance to stop depending on Russian gas and oil unless an alternative is found.
In depth analysis reveals that Russia can prolong the conventional war indefinitely. However the real danger is that after 1983, when due to some misunderstanding, the world came very near to an atomic catastrophe, the current scenario has become extremely dangerous. Russia has raised its level of Nuke readiness on all launching locations with a clear announcement about the use of NUKES, if threat to the existence of Russia becomes imminent. On the NATO side USA, France and UK are atomic powers and in addition to Naval and Air bases, the USA has also deployed appropriate launchers in Poland, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Bulgaria, Slovakia, Hungary and Romania. Germany has the biggest US bases from where the war machinery rolls down to all the NATO countries including Ukraine.
While on one side enmassing of military hardware including Nukes are being piled up for probable use, on the other side one sided propaganda is on increase to highlight the atrocities of Russia committed against humanity. Media propaganda to brainwash the Europeans has touched unimaginable levels. False flag operations are the most favourite method of Ukraine to highlight the Russian Army’s brutalities. Bucha manslaughter, missile attack on railway station of Karma Torsk and use of Phosphorus weapons in Mariupol are just a few examples. There are clear denials of Russia about these atrocities. Russia did provide solid proof of how rightist elements of the Ukrainian Army and mercenaries have been used by the Ukraine regime to bring a bad reputation to the Russian Army. However mainstream media is not permitted to broadcast this information to the European people.
Here if an impartial man sees what the US had been doing after World war II, one can draw a clear comparison as to who is the real butcher for committing the human catastrophes. In order to gain its hegemony in second world war, in spite of knowing Japanese and Russians are progressing peace talk, without informing allies it used atom bombs on Japan and killed hundered of thousands innocent people. Since world war II US has been involved in 31 wars which killed almost 20 millions people. It toppelled 37 governments and a glaring recent example of Pakistan which happened just a couple of days back. US got 65 leaders of various nations assessinated and 30 countries were bombed with various lethal munition.
If we analyse how the current ongoing conflict will unfold in the coming days it does not show a good picture for Europe. At the beginning of this conflict the US President clearly told Americans not to worry as this time the battlefield is Europe and the US is very far off and all Americans are safe. American secret documents reveal that effort will be made to contain the battlefield within Ukraine territories. But the way Poland and Baltic NATO states, Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia are being armed with conventional and tactical nuclear weapons the conflict seems to spill over in neighbouring countries. Russia and Belarus already conducted exercises to block the Suwalki Corridor thus cutting the ground routes to Baltic States. The moment Russian operates in the Suwalki Corridor the conflict turns to be between NATO and Russia. Though Germany is not an immediate neighbour of Russia, it houses various hubs of NATO forces including Ramstein as NATO air force headquarters. As said earlier, the US had been trying to separate Russia and Germany in all fields and the current active pro-American contribution of German soil to ongoing conflict will further facilitate fulfilling US ambitions.
Previously also it has been highlighted that since the second world war the USA had always sought a dominant world power position. In order to achieve its goal the US does not care which other countries are damaged or destroyed. For the current conflict, since America has decided Europe to be a battlefield, therefore being the main hub of American forces and the biggest economy in Europe, Germany is most vulnerable in this conflict. One sided flow of information by biased Western media and hatred created due to unconfirmed stories of Russian atrocities committed to humanity, innocent and ill informed Germans are not aware what in pipeline can come to their homeland in near future. Current scenario speaks of a definite moment in the history of Germany. Almost 70 years passed to the hegemony of the USA in this part of the European Continent. The UK has already left the union. Europe is a big continent with all the resources. We only have to decide to live peacefully with each other. No country can change its landscape and take it to some other continent. Europeans have to decide how long a country across the Atlantic has to use another continent for its malicious designs and aims. Masses can always influence and put pressure on their elected leaders to take intime and correct decisions. If not taken then rest remains the history to be read by the future generations. Russia is one of our European neighbours and it deserves importance and respect. And I am sure if due respect and importance is given to Russia it can reconsider its policies and each country in this continent can live peacefully.

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