Muslim sergeant files a federal lawsuit, after faced hijab harassment

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In the United States, a Muslim soldier is about to file a federal lawsuit against her leadership after the regulatory authorities rejected her complaint of religious discrimination, and the girl was lowered in rank. Specialist (rank in the US Army) Cecilia Valdovinos until this week was a sergeant, but was reduced as a result of misconduct.

Muslim sergeant files a federal lawsuit, after faced hijab harassment
Spc. Cesilia Valdovinos was demoted this week after an Article 15 investigation apparently unrelated to her religious discrimination complaint against her leadership. (Military Religious Freedom Foundation)

Valdovinos believes that the misdemeanor case was fabricated due to the negative attitude towards her at the military base, because Cecilia filed a complaint with the Commission on Equal Opportunities in connection with the incident in the service — the senior demanded that the Muslim woman should take off her hijab and show her hair.


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The commission found the complaint to be unfounded, and the actions of the higher officer were justified. It is worth noting that Major Kerstin Montoya with other servicemen decided to check whether Sergeant Cecilia’s hair was tied in a knot under a headscarf, as required by the regulations.

Soon after the sergeant filed a complaint, she started a misdemeanor case – a Muslim woman was suspected of … intimate communication with a male officer who was assigned to accompany her to the barracks after the operation to remove a wisdom tooth.

Human rights activists regard such an absurd accusation against a pious and conservative Muslim woman wearing the hijab as another manifestation of discrimination based on religion, reports IslamRelifgionGuardian, citing the Army Times.

“This is a trend of anti-Muslim bias and oppression,” said human rights activist Miki Weinstein.

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