Stories of The Prophet Ayub

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Prophet Ayub, (Peace be upon him) was a great man and a prophet of the Lord many years ago. He was blessed with many great gifts that surpassed what was given to others. He had money in quantities (and some say types!) That were superior to those that were around him.

He was given a huge amount of land, as well as many animals to graze on this land, and these animals vary in type and are of very high quality. He was kind and gave to the poor, he cared for widows and orphans, he would be generous with his guests and would accept any traveler to his house. He did all this as a thanksgiving to God for giving so much to him. This is something very unique to note that when a person is given such great wealth and great gifts, Satan tries very hard to make him be greedy and ungrateful. Satan is very much trying to make a man with such wealth diminish what is given to him, or become arrogant, and not spread the wealth to those who may need it. Satan, however, unsuccessfully whispered in the heart of Ayub (as) regarding everything that was given to him.


Feeding the poor and needy is an act that draws us closer to Allah. We earn His forgiveness, mercies and blessings through this act of charity.

“Anyone who looks after and works for a widow and a poor person is like a warrior fighting for Allah?s cause, or like a person who fasts during the day and prays all night. (Bukhari)

It is said that Satan heard the angels in heaven praise Prophet Ayub (as) for everything he did and did. Upon hearing this, Satan felt a fit of envy (hasad) to the state of Ayub. Satan, being the one who immediately affects these quirks of envy, went and begged the Lord of heaven about his condition. He complained to God: “O my Lord, you have blessed your servant Prophet Ayub, and he thanked you. You have removed some misfortune from him so that he will glorify you. You would not allow any difficulties with him, but if you did, he would be an ungrateful servant. ” It was a prayer from Satan, and at the same time he was taking a picture of Ayub’s honor and de facto piety, He asked God to simply allow him to insult Ayub with some difficulties, and he told God that He would see Ayub’s gratitude. Then God allowed Satan to control the wealth of Prophet Ayub, and nothing more that allowed him to grieve Ayub. At the same time, Satan was joyful. He called his troops genie and told them the “great” news. One of his troops said that he was given the right to send storms with fire on anything, and if Satan gave him permission, he could burn all the wealth of Ayub, burning his land. Satan consented and sat back and watched his troops burn the riches of Prophet Ayub. When it was all over, Satan came in the form of one of Ayub’s official hands, abruptly remembering everything that had happened to the wealth of this Prophet. By telling him that God allowed to destroy his wealth. Ayub (as), with full grace and gratitude, informed Satan in the form of man that God was the original donor of this wealth, therefore God could do as he liked this wealth.

Satan was now struck not only by the torments of envy, but also by the torments of despair. He was sure that if this man were so blessed that some of his blessings were taken away, he would have broken. He would not be such a great servant. But Satan, unlike many of us humans, does not relinquish it easily. When he has a goal, he does his best to get to that goal. He returned to his troops for brainstorming. One of his troops had a different idea. He told Satan that he was given the opportunity to blow the harsh winds that would kill any animal that heard this wind. Satan jumped on this idea and sent him to kill all the living animals left in the burned lands of Prophet Ayub. After all his glorious animals were killed, Satan appeared to Ayuba as a different person, again telling him about what had happened. He told Prophet Ayub that the Lord, whom he had worshiped for so long, had killed all his animals. And again, Prophet Ayub (as) with pure patience and love for God replied that God was the one who gave him the animals in the first place, therefore He could act as He liked them.

Satan again struck with deeper despair, feeling that he certainly lost control of the battle in which he fought. Satan returned to God, again with a different request. He claimed that God blessed Prophet Ayub with his health and the health of his children (some say he had 10 children), and that is why Ayub was still holding on, with gratitude. Satan assured that if this is removed, Prophet Ayub will not remain a grateful servant and that his gratitude was not based on Be in love and satisfaction with what was given. Then Satan asked for the opportunity to take away Ayub’s children in order to prove his point. God gave him this permission. Satan returned to Ayub’s house and destroyed Ayub’s house, killing all of his children. Then he appeared to Ayuba as a teacher of his children, limping as if he too had suffered from destruction. He then recalled that Ayub had detailed deaths that his children faced, and so he focused on the pain they might have felt. Ayub instantly hit his children. He fell to the floor and began to pour dirt on his head. Satan rejoiced, finally, he made Prophet Ayub ungrateful. But after a moment, Ayub (as) understood what he was doing and looked at his Lord, asking for forgiveness and returning to his state of patience. God instantly forgave Him because He is the All-Forgiving.

Stories of The Prophet AyubSatan was furious. He felt that he finally won, finally, finally, this man who seemed to be overwhelmed with patience and gratitude. And before he could even rejoice, Ayub (as) returned to His Lord, and his repentance was accepted. His sin was destroyed. (Pay attention to the mercy of God. Pay attention to the perseverance of Satan). Satan returned to God, again despairing and wanting to try anything. He told God that the only reason Ayub was so grateful and so obedient was that he had the most important thing, his health. Satan pleaded with God to let him take it away to prove once and for all that Prophet Ayub was not, in essence, an obedient servant. God allowed him that, but this time with some very important conditions. God allowed him to rule over his body and health, but he could not touch two things: the tongue and the heart.

Satan went down to Ayub and found him in prostration. He pierced his nose with a wind that touched his whole body. It caused him to itch, without relief. He scratched his whole body with his hands, then with the tools. The tools were so rough that they tore his skin, but the itch was so strong that he could not stop. His wounds began to fester, be infected and even attract bugs. All the people in his community, who loved him very much, began to look down on him, unable to see his appearance and not smell the smell of infected wounds. They kicked him out, ignoring all the good he had done for him before. All left him. Each. Except for one man, his wife. She took care of him in the garbage dump he was dumped on. She took care of him and was his companion as much as she could. After a while, she begged him to ask God for help. I mean, why not, he was a prophet. He, in turn, asked how long they lived in wealth. Her response was 8 years old. He then asked how long he lived in the illness; she told him that it was seven. His answer was that he was too embarrassed to ask God to heal him if time of relief overcomes time of difficulties.

Allah said: “And Ayyub, when he called to his Lord, saying ‘Harm has inflicted me and You are the Most Merciful.’ So We answered him and removed his affliction and We gave him his family and the like of them with them, as a mercy from Us and a reminder to Worshippers.'”. (Qur’an 21:83-84)


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Satan in his last attempt turned out to be Ayub’s wife. He told her that he (Satan) was the Lord of the world and that the reason why her husband, Prophet Ayub, had suffered so long, was that he turned away from the lord of the earth and looked only at the Lord Heaven and Earth. He told her that if Ayub should “just” make one prostration to Satan, then he can be restored to a state of health and wealth. Ayub’s wife returned to her husband and told him what had happened. Ayub was furious. He knew exactly who he was talking to, and he was angry that his wife had spoken to Satan and that she was trying to act on his words. She could not accept her anger, and she also left him. Now Ayub was completely alone, with reference to human satellites. He turned to God and made famous du’a what we hear again and again: “The laboring deprivations struck me, and you are the Merciful of the merciful. Ibn Ajiba here says something interesting. He says that the difficulties that Ayub talked about were that Satan had conspired against him to make him worship him (Satan). (Why is this a difficulty? Because it is said that if we understand the true nature of the disease, we would know that this is a great gift from God.) God immediately answered Ayub’s call and instructed him to go to the nearest water and swim in it. He did this and returned to his full health and beauty. His wife, shortly thereafter, returned in search of her husband. She found in his place a good healthy person. She asked him if he saw a person who was rotting and hurting. He laughed and said, “It’s me, I’m Ayub.” She would not believe him, except that she recognized his laughter.

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Ayub is not an angel, man. He (as) passed a huge trial and looked only at God. The man whom God used to lay a map for us to follow, when we also feel pain, in sickness and in trouble. Of course, we do not always react like that. Of course, it is sometimes harder to let go of God. But what we can do is to look at it as the ultimate goal. We can use his name, asking God for patience. We can strive to be as close to Him as God allows. And whenever we are in a quandary, we can know that it is connected with someone. We have someone who has experienced pain and longing, and we can see that even in the worst situations, God can instantly redeem us and make us more and more perfect. God grant us Sabra of Prophet Ayub in the smallest of questions and the biggest questions.

“Lord, suffering overwhelmed me, and you are the most merciful of the merciful.”


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