The Story of Musa (Moses): Musa heard the voice of Allah

The thoughts of hometown guide Musa to the fate that God has set for him.

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The Musa (AS) married the daughter of the old man and spent a decade with them. During the period, Musa (Moses) raised his own family. His life was quiet and rich. He escaped the persecution of Pharaohs or tribes. Musa (Moses) has been thinking about the miracles of Allah and the universe.

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Feeding the poor and needy is an act that draws us closer to Allah. We earn His forgiveness, mercies and blessings through this act of charity.

“Anyone who looks after and works for a widow and a poor person is like a warrior fighting for Allah?s cause, or like a person who fasts during the day and prays all night. (Bukhari)

Musa (Moses)’s life is full of lessons and guidance for us. Allah has made Musa (Moses) experience these tests, which is very useful for him to undertake his mission. Musa (Moses) grew up in the court of Pharaoh, so he has the experience of politics and is familiar with the operation of the government. He understood the corruption of Pharaoh – Pharaoh claimed to be the supreme God.

With God’s mercy and grace, Musa (Moses) escaped Pharaoh’s persecution and wandered in a foreign country, so that he learned about other cultures and contacted different nationalities. Traveling opened his heart, increased his knowledge, and understood different peoples. Similarities and differences.

“People! I have indeed created you from a man and a woman. I have made you many people and clans so that you can know each other.” (Quran 49:13)

During his stay in Midian, he was a shepherd. The Prophet Muhammad (SAW) told us that all the prophets were shepherds, and they all graze the flock. This view seems a bit bizarre, but thinking carefully is worth pondering. We know that shepherds have learned a lot of useful things from shepherds. They generally live quietly and have time to think and observe some strange phenomena in life.

However, shepherds also need to be aware of the dangers they face. The flock is generally weak and needs careful attention. Once a sheep is separated from the flock, it will lose the protection of the group and become a prey. The role of the prophet is to protect the entire nation. He is always aware of the dangers that come, threatening his followers, especially to protect those who are weak, poor, oppressed followers.

After Musa (Moses) completed the service period, he fulfilled his promise, and the homesickness suffered him. He missed his family and the land of Egypt. Even if he was worried about the danger of going home, he felt that a strange feeling was rising in his heart and he was going back to where he was born.

Musa called his family to announce that he wants to return to Egypt, and Musa (Moses) has successfully fulfilled the deadline. He dragged his daughter and traveled on the road. Soon, in the distance, he saw a fire beside the mountain Tur, and he said to his family:

“Let’s wait, I have seen a fire, maybe I will bring you a message from the fire, or bring a torch to warm yourselves.” (Quran 28:29)

Musa (Moses) lost her way when she crossed the desert. It was a cold and dark night. Musa (Moses) saw a fire in the distance. He told his family to stay where they were. He had hoped to ask for directions or to bring fire to his family. Musa (Moses) did not know that he was going to participate in the most interesting and amazing dialogue in history. He walked to the fire, and as he walked, he heard a voice.

“When he got to the fire, there was a voice calling him to say, ‘The people around and around the fire are blessed. Praise God – the Lord of the world, surpassing everything. Musa! I am Allah. – Almighty, and the All-Wise.'” (Quran 27:8-9)

Allah and Musa are in dialogue, and Allah asks Musa (Moses) to take off his shoes because he is standing on the holy land. Allah inspired Musa (Moses) to choose a special mission, and Musa (Moses) listened to what God said to him.

“I am indeed Allah! Lâ ilâha illa Ana (none has the right to be worshipped but I), so worship Me, and perform As­Salât (Iqâmat-as-Salât) for My Remembrance. (Quran 20:14)

“Verily, the Hour is coming and My Will is to keep it hidden that every person may be rewarded for that which he strives. (Quran 20:15)

“Therefore, let not the one who believes not therein (i.e. in the Day of Resurrection, Reckoning, Paradise and Hell, etc.), but follows his own lusts, divert you therefrom, lest you perish. (Quran 20:16)


In the direct dialogue between God and Musa, Allah has prayed for Musa and his followers. When our Muslims traveled to Jerusalem and boarded from there, Allah set five prayers for Muslims.

The Story of Prophet Musa (Moses): Musa heard the voice of Allah
The Story of Prophet Musa (Moses): Musa heard the voice of Allah

At that time, the heart of the Musa was filled with irresistible power. He went to Egypt and accompanied him with a strong desire to return to his hometown. On the dark night, he lost his way. He went looking for light and a guide. He saw a pile of fire, thinking that it was a fire, and went to the fire. He discovered the light and guidance of God.

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Musa (Moses) held a stick in his hand, and Allah asked what the stick was for.

“Musa (Moses)! What is in your right hand?”

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He replied:

“He said: ‘This is my stick, I am holding it. I use it to shoot down the leaves and give it to my sheep. I have a lot of other needs for it.’” (Quran 20:18)

Musa (Moses) knew that the stick was good, and he knew that the stick had no miracles. It was true that he left the stick. When he dropped the stick, the stick suddenly turned into a snake.

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Musa (Moses) was scared and turned and fled. Humans are afraid of strange, unknown things. This is normal. But Allah uses this to eliminate his fear. In this way Musa (Moses) accepted the mission. But more importantly, he relies on God and believes that Allah will protect him, so he has absolutely no reason to be afraid again.

“You leave your stick.” When he saw the stick as a snake, he turned away and dared not turn back. ‘Musa, you come forward, don’t be afraid, you are safe.’ Qur’an 28:31)

Then Allah taught Musa (Moses) to put his hand in his arms, and Allah gave him a solemn and great miracle. When Musa (Moses) fulfilled his mission, he needed these miracles. This is a powerful force for those who do not obey Allah and oppose Allah. evidence.

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“You put your hand into your arms, and it will pull out the white light, but there is no disease. and You retract your hand close to your side to be free from fear (that which you suffered from the snake, and also by that your hand will return to its original state). These two are your Lord’s signs to Pharaoh and his servants. Their evidence, they are indeed debauchery.” (Quran 28:32)

Allah arranged for Musa to be sent to Pharaoh, the one who Musa (Moses) was most afraid of and sentenced him to death. His heart is locked by fear, but Allah ensures his safety.

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