Rays of Wisdom for the Modern World Part 11

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14th July 2021


Feeding the poor and needy is an act that draws us closer to Allah. We earn His forgiveness, mercies and blessings through this act of charity.

“Anyone who looks after and works for a widow and a poor person is like a warrior fighting for Allah?s cause, or like a person who fasts during the day and prays all night. (Bukhari)

His Holiness, Hazrat Mirza Masroor Ahmad (aba) is a beaming beacon of Divine guidance and support. His Holiness (aba) represents the highest level of a connection with God in today’s world and thus he is the spiritual leader for tens of millions across the world. He champions the message of fulfilling the rights owed to God, and fulfilling the duties we each owe to our fellow human beings. Over the course of his Friday Sermons, addresses on various occasions, meetings with different organizations and children’s classes, His Holiness (aba) imparts invaluable knowledge and insight on a remarkably vast array of topics.

The Review of Religions in honored to present some of these ‘Rays of Wisdom’ from His Holiness (aba) taken from various different sources, for the benefit of its readers.


What Proof Does the Holy Qur’an Present that Islam is the True Religion?

How Does His Holiness (aba) Remain Optimistic?

Should There be a Western Boycott on Countries Which Persecute the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community?

What is the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community’s Response to the Israeli-Palestinian Crisis?

Prayers for Palestine

Muslims believe that the religion of Islam is the final and complete religion. Its teachings are based on the Holy Qur’an, which is entirely the revealed Word of God, and has remained unaltered from the time of its revelation. It was revealed to the Holy Prophet (sa) who, through his practise and sayings, exemplified its teachings and presented the absolute best example for all to emulate. In essence, Muslims believe Islam to be the complete and true religion in the world. One journalist asked His Holiness (aba) what proof is presented in the Holy Qur’an regarding Islam being the true religion.

His Holiness (aba) replied:

‘Holy Qur’an said that all the religions, all the prophets sent by Allah Almighty were the true prophets of Allah Almighty. The Qur’an only says that all the teachings of the previous prophets have been gathered in the Holy Qur’an, and all the previous prophets always said – it is in the Bible and in the Qur’an as well – that they came to their own people in different pockets. And, there was a time when there was more than one prophet in different areas, as you can see Abraham (as) and Lot (as) example in the Holy Qur’an, even in the Bible. But the Holy Qur’an claims that the Holy Prophet (sa) was sent for the whole of the mankind – he is a mercy for all peoples – and he is for all the nations. And this is why all the true teachings which were preserved till the time of the claim of the Holy Prophet (sa) were all included and revealed to the Holy Prophet (sa) again, and they were mentioned in the Holy Qur’an. So, we say all the previous prophets, although they were rightly guided and were sent by Allah Almighty, but they never claimed that they are for the whole of the mankind. But, the Holy Prophet (sa) claimed, and it is in the Holy Qur’an, that he is for whole of the mankind, and for the whole of the world, and his message is complete. Now is the complete Shari`ah [law]; this is one thing…Even Jesus Christ (as) did not say that he has come for the whole of the mankind, he said that he has come for the tribes of the Israelites.’ [1]

Upon taking a glance at the condition of the world, one finds that there seems to be some sort of turmoil, pain, and suffering at every turn. Living in such circumstances and in such trying times, it is easy to lose hope. However, amid the seemingly dark times, there is a guiding light in the form of the Caliph of the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community, whose divinely inspired guidance helps millions across the world navigate through hardship and remain optimistic, no matter how trying times may be. Yet one may wonder, how His Holiness (aba) remains optimistic himself? This question was posed to His Holiness (aba) by a Dutch reporter. 

His Holiness (aba) replied:

‘The founder of the Ahmadiyya community taught us that if you practice true teachings of Islam, follow the true teachings of Islam, and spread the true message of Islam, then you can create and develop peace in society.  Although it will take some time, I don’t say that it will just take one two years or even one, two decades; next 100 years even you will see majority of people will realise it or if they did not realize it, they will face the wrath of Allah’ [2]

Desecration of the Kalima Shahada (Islamic declaration of faith) outside a Mosque owned by the Ahmadiyya Community in Pakistan.

The Ahmadiyya Muslim Community faces persecution in various countries around the world. Even more unfortunate is the fact that often, this persecution takes place in Muslim countries. In fact, some countries such as Pakistan have declared Ahmadis as non-Muslims by law which, over the years, has led to heinous and barbaric persecution and loss of Ahmadi lives. The Ahmadiyya Muslim Community however retaliates not with physical force, but with prayers, while continuing to spread the peaceful and beautiful message of Islam. A journalist asked His Holiness (aba) whether he would support a Western boycott or sanction of such countries which persecute the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community. 

His Holiness (aba) replied:

‘I don’t believe that they should force them or wage war against them or to stop their financial aid or monetary help, no,  because if they did that then the poor people of those countries will suffer and we don’t want to take revenge in this way that humanity suffers in any way. ‘ [3]


The Holy Prophet (sa) is narrated to have said: ‘He who amongst you sees something abominable should modify it with the help of his hand; and if he has not strength enough to do it, then he should do it with his tongue, and if he has not strength enough to do it, (even) then he should (abhor it) from his heart.’ [4] In light of this, a journalist asked His Holiness (aba) what the stance of the Ahmadiyya Muslims Community is regarding the ongoing turmoil of the Israeli-Palestinian crisis, and what exactly the Community is doing about it.

His Holiness (aba) replied:

‘We don’t have the worldly power. We are not ruling any country; so here, with regards to the power, we cannot use it. As far as disliking or stopping it through the word of mouth, or by saying something, that is what we have been doing all the time. You see, in my last Eid Sermon, I spoke against that cruelty and brutality that was being committed, or is being committed against Palestinians, and there is no balance of power. Israel is the fourth super-power of the world, and Palestinians are just a small, resourceless people. They cannot reply in a same way, they cannot practice tit for tat;  they are just bearing all this cruelty. So, what Ahmadiyya Community is doing is, within their sphere, within their reach, whatever we can do. We speak against cruelty and brutality being committed, and our contacts with the politicians, the big powers of the world as in UK, or America, they are also – we try to meet the politicians and those people who are in power. Those who are in contact with us or those who listen to us, they try to use their resources, their influence to stop this brutality and cruelty. And you see, here also, we have to maintain justice. Whoever is cruel, whoever is destroying the peace should be stopped from doing it. So this is what Ahmadiyya Community is doing in [the] case of Palestine or in any case wherever the justice  is not being properly done. ‘ [5]

The Israeli-Palestinian conflict has been around for decades, and seems to be one of the most enduring conflicts of our time. It has claimed innocent lives, displaced people from their homes and has left a lingering unrest which cannot seem to be shaken. A recent attack on the al-Aqsa mosque during the month of Ramadan 2021 was just another example of the continued atrocities taking place in the region. In his Eid al-Fitr Sermon of 2021, His Holiness (aba) addressed the situation and prayed for justice to prevail. His Holiness (aba) said:

‘I would like to draw attention towards prayers. Firstly, pray for the people of Palestine who are suffering from huge injustices these days. They have been required to obtain permits to visit their own areas and Masjid Al-Aqsa [the Aqsa Mosque], but these permits are not given to them and they are prevented from going. Those who went there to offer prayers were forcibly prevented from doing so and were killed and persecuted by government officials and they became the targets of oppression. Likewise, they are being forcefully removed from Sheikh Jarrah which is a small neighbourhood of theirs, even though their own homes are there. The media outlets have started to report on this quite extensively. In fact, even Israel’s own newspapers and media outlets, who are acting with justice, have started to highlight these issues. The police are firing tear gas and bullets at people, in fact they have also launched airstrikes as well with the excuse that the enemy who they want to attack is hiding in those areas, when in actual fact they are committing cruelties and are attacking the general public. 

Furthermore, we learn from certain press reports that the Israeli police in certain areas are not even allowing those that have been injured to reach first aid camps, thus depriving them of medical aid. In any case, as I have said with regards to the injustices being carried out in Masjid Al-Aqsa, may Allah Almighty shower His mercy and grace upon the oppressed there and seize the oppressors. 

The State Department of the US, which claims to uphold justice, yet they gave no statement when nine children were killed. They did not express any sympathy when nine of them passed away and now this number has increased. The New York Times has also written with reference to a report from the Human Rights Watch that in Israel and occupied territories of Palestine, Israel is giving preference to Jews over Palestinians. There is no justice so naturally they would give precedence to them. The report of Amnesty International also states that Palestinians are suffering great injustices. It is written in the Israeli national newspaper Haaretz: “Jerusalem is at boiling point. It was a senseless and provocative step to place hurdles at the Damascus Gate, which has caused anxiety amongst the residents during the blessed occasion of Ramadan, and led to the displacement of thousands of Palestinians from their homes in the Sheikh Jarrah neighbourhood.”

The Haaretz newspaper also writes: ‘Peculiar indeed is the vision of justice based on the principle whereby ‘What’s mine is forever mine, and what’s yours is also forever mine.’ In this way the rights of the Palestinians are being usurped.

May Allah shower His mercy. The joys of Eid have come as mountains of grief for them. May Allah Almighty transform their grief into happiness and grant them a life of ease, and may they have such leadership that can guide them properly. If the Muslim nations come together and play their role, the Palestinians and Muslims oppressed in other countries could be saved from these injustices. But the Muslim Ummah are not united and the reaction of the Muslim nations is not being expressed as strongly as it should be. They give a small statement and that’s all, but if they gave a unified response, it would be effective.

May Allah Almighty grant understanding to the Muslim leadership and also to the Israelis so that they refrain from committing injustices. May Allah also grant understanding to the Palestinians who are acting on their own accord without any leadership and if they are committing any injustices – although they are not and in fact they are the oppressed. If they use sticks, they are faced with missiles. I have said previously that there is no comparison or balance in power. Therefore, there is a great need for prayers for the Palestinians.

May Allah Almighty improve their conditions and grant them the means to their freedom. And whatever remaining land which they currently have based on the initial agreements may it remain with them and they honour those agreements.’ [6]


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source Rays of Wisdom for the Modern World Part 11 | The Review of Religions

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