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    Religions Comparison: The Difference Between Islam And Other Faiths

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    Religions Comparison

    Simplicity, Rationality, and Practicality

    Islam is not a religion based on the sacrament and mythology. His teaching is devoid of superstition, not contrary to common sense; it is accessible and elementary. The unity of God, the prophecy of Muhammad (SAW), and the idea of ​​life after death are the main points of Islamic belief, from which the rest of the provisions of this religion flow. There is nothing confusing, incomprehensible. Everything is logical, reasonable, clear and open. In Islam, you will not find a hierarchy of clergy, abstract concepts, complex rites or rituals.

    The Quran is available for each person. Anyone can read it and follow the prescribed. Islam awakens the mind of man, removes the veil from the eyes, prompts to see things as they really are. According to Islam, a person must strive to know. The Lord commands in the Qur’an:

    “… and say:” Lord! Increase my knowledge ”(Quran 20: 114)

    Religions Comparison: The Difference Between Islam And Other Faiths
    Religions Comparison: The Difference Between Islam And Other Faiths


    “Are those who know, and those who do not know, equal? Indeed, only those who have a mind commemorate the edification … ”(Quran 39: 9)

    The Prophet Muhammad (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him) said in one of his hadiths:

    “He who leaves his home in search of knowledge, follows the path of the Lord” (At-Tirmidhi).

    “The search for knowledge is the duty of every Muslim” (Ibn Majah, Al-Baihaqi).

    So, Islam brings a person from the dark world of superstition into the bright world of knowledge.

    Religion Islam is not limited to theory. Islam argues that faith is not just a proclamation of belief, but a real way of life. A person’s faith must be confirmed by his righteous actions. That’s why Islam is also a practical religion. The Lord says in the Qur’an:

    “For those who believe and do righteous deeds, bliss and a beautiful place of return are prepared” (Quran 13:29)

    And the prophet Muhammad (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him) said:

    “The Lord does not accept the faith of a person if it is not confirmed by actions, and does not accept actions if they are not confirmed by faith” (At-Tabarani).

    So, simplicity, rationality and practicality make Islam a unique and genuine religion.

    Unity Of Material And Spiritual

    Islam does not put a person in a dilemma: either material or spiritual. Here one does not exclude the other. Islam does not call to renounce life, it makes life complete. This religion denies asceticism, and does not prescribe what is mundane. Piety, Islam teaches, is not a denial of the world, but modesty and moderation. The Lord calls upon us to pray with the words:

    “Our Lord! Give us good in this world and good in the Hereafter … ”(Quran 2: 201).

    But, using the earthly blessings, the person should avoid excessiveness. Lord says:

    “… Eat and drink, but do not overindulge, for Allah does not love the over-indulgent” (Quran 7:31).

    The Prophet Muhammad (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him) on modesty and moderation said:

    “Fast, but also go to sleep (at the prescribed time), observe the prayer, but also set aside time for sleep; for your body has a right to you, and your eyes have a right to you; your wife has the right to you, and whoever visits you has the right to you. ”

    So Islam is a religion that does not divide the way of life into secular and spiritual; and encourages people to transform their existence, guided by the principles of morality. To succeed, a person needs to combine moral and material, and not become an ascetic.

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    Humanity has suffered enough through the fault of one-sided religions and beliefs. Some focused on the spiritual side and rejected material aspects. The world in their view was just an illusion, deception, a trap. Others – adherents of material ideology – on the contrary rejected the spiritual side of life as something illusory. Such ideas, religions, beliefs only deprived people of peace, contentment and peace.

    Even today, an imbalance manifests itself in one direction or another. As the French scientist Dr. De Brogbi rightly noted:

    [bs-quote quote=”Too intense material civilization will harm first of all itself, if in parallel the spiritual life does not develop, thus ensuring proper balance.” style=”style-8″ align=”left” color=”#dd1313″ author_name=”Dr. De Brogbi rightly noted” author_job=”Scientist”][/bs-quote]

    Christianity rushed to one extreme, modern Western ideologies (secular-capitalist democracy and socialism) to the other.

    “We have created an external structure with noble proportions, but we have neglected the basic requirement of internal order; we carefully designed, decorated and cleaned the outside of the bowl, but the inside was full of exorbitant claims and excesses; we directed our increased knowledge to create comfort for the body, but we left our soul to the mercy of fate. ”

    Islam seeks to create a balance between the material and the spiritual aspect. Everything that exists in the world – for a person – says Islam – but a person is created for a higher goal: serving God, which will include following the principles of morality and justice. Although Islam places emphasis on preparing for eternal life, it does not forget about the temporal needs of man. He calls upon us to purify our souls and transform our lives, both personal and social, and establish good over evil. So, Islam does not rush to extremes, but adheres to the middle and seeks to educate the moral person as a cell of the future fair society.

    Islam Is A Way Of Life (Religions Comparison)

    Islam is not just a religion in the usual sense of the word, it is a whole way of life that affects every area of ​​human existence: individual and social, material and moral, economic, political, cultural, legal, international … in all areas of life.

    Unfortunately, nowadays the word religion is used to designate something that does not go beyond the personal life of a person. No one thinks that she can somehow play a cultural or social role. This is the perception, perhaps, has become the most disastrous for religion. In the words of the modern philosopher: “Religion tells us to separate things of God from caesar.

    Religions Comparison: The Difference Between Islam And Other Faiths
    Religions Comparison: The Difference Between Islam And Other Faiths

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    Islam completely rejects this understanding of religion and clearly defines its main task: the purification of the soul and the transformation of society. As the Quran says:

    “We have already sent Our messengers with clear signs and sent down Scripture and Libra with them, so that people adhere to justice. We also sent down iron, which is a powerful force and benefit for people, so that Allah will recognize those who help Him and His messengers, although he does not see Him personally. Indeed, Allah is Almighty, Mighty ”(Quran 57:25)


    “… The decision is made only by Allah. He commanded that you not worship anyone but Him. This is right faith, but most people do not know it ”(Quran 12:40).

    In conclusion of religions comparison: So even a cursory review shows that Islam is a comprehensive way of life that does not leave any aspect of human existence unprotected from the forces of evil.

    Preservation Of Islamic Texts In Its Original form

    Important fact is that the teaching of Islam was preserved in the form in which the first Muslims knew it. Therefore, among Muslims there is no question of the authenticity of the Quran or the Sunnah of the Prophet Muhammad (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him). The Holy Scripture today is the same book that the Lord sent down fifteen hundred years ago, and the Sunnah is a historical record that also has not changed. The statements and descriptions of Muhammad’s full life journey (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him) have survived to our days in collections of hadiths and sire books (his biographies). Even a group of non-Muslim scholars note this expressive fact.

    Persistence And Change

    Elements of constancy and change have always coexisted in human society and peoples cultures. But instead of maintaining a balance between constancy and change, various ideologies and systems now and then tended to only one side of the scale. The emphasis on constancy deprived the system of flexibility and development, while excessive enthusiasm for change led to moral relativity, formlessness and anarchy.

    Humanity needs a system capable of maintaining a balance between constancy and change. As American judge Cardoso rightly noted: “The greatest need of our time is a philosophy that can provide growth and link two contradictory concepts – sustainability and progress. Islam is a conviction that satisfies the requirements of stability and change. ”

    If you think about it, you can see that life itself contains signs of change and stability – it is neither so rigid and inflexible that it can not allow any changes, even in details, but it is not so flexible and changeable as to not have a constant character. main features It will be more understandable if we analyze the process of physiological changes in the human body: each tissue changes many times, although the person remains the same as he was. The leaves of the trees, the flowers, the fruits change, but the tree remains unchanged. Such is the law of life, change and constancy must coexist in harmony.

    Only a system that achieves a balance of both concepts can meet all the requirements of human nature and human society. In any country and at any time, the main issues and problems of mankind remain unchanged. But their solutions have changed over the centuries. Islam offers a new look at the problem and tries to find a real solution.

    In the Quran and Sunnah (the statements and actions of the Prophet Muhammad, (SAW), provides complete guidance given by the Lord of the worlds, Almighty and not limited by time or place. And therefore, the laws, revealed by Him concerning individual and social behavior, are eternal and based on reality. But the Lord revealed only general principles, giving a person the freedom to find solutions that are relevant and most productive for the time in which he lives. It is through ijtihad (intellectual zeal in search of truth) that people apply divine guidance to questions of their time. Thus, the basic guidelines are permanent, and the method of their application may vary according to the epoch. Therefore, Islam is always modern.

    The Balance Between Personality And Society

    And the last, but no less, Islam does not put the interests of the individual above the interests of society, but establishes a balance between them. According to Islam, each person is individual, and each will be accountable to the Lord for his actions. Prophet Muhammad (SAW) said:

    “Each of you is a patron, responsible for entrusted to him. The ruler is the patron of his subjects and is responsible for them; the husband is the patron of his family, and is responsible for her; the woman is the patroness of her husband’s house and is responsible for him; the servant is the patron of the property and is responsible for it.”


    “A man is the patron of his father’s possession and is responsible for him; so, each of you is the patron responsible for the deposit given to him ”(Sahih Al-Bukhari, Muslim).

    Islam stands up for human rights. Proper education of the individual is one of the main goals of education policy in Islam. Islam does not support the view that the individuality of a person should be lost in society or the state.

    In Islam, all people are equal, regardless of color, language or nationality. He appeals to human conscience, bypassing all false obstacles, such as race, status, and wealth. Is it worth mentioning the relevance of this problem even in today’s, so-called enlightened society. Islam removes such obstacles and declares that all people are equal creations of God, thus trying to unite humanity under one banner. In today’s world, torn by racial hostility, Islam bears a message of hope, peace and a glorious future.

    The historian Arthur Toynbee, who made an interesting observation on this issue, wrote in his book “Civilization before the court of history”: “In the contemporary manifestations of the world cosmopolitan proletariat, two notable sources of danger — psychological and material — are racial consciousness and propensity for alcohol. And in the fight against these two evils, Islamic spirituality, if its influence prevails, can contribute to high morality and social value.

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    The fact that the Muslim consciousness has become racially obsolete is one of the outstanding moral achievements of Islam, and the modern world today, more than ever, needs to promote this dignity of Islam;

    As for the harm caused by alcohol, it is most common among the primitive population of tropical regions, once “open” by Western entrepreneurs. The fact remains that even the most stringent state preventive measures imposed by outsiders are untenable in ridding people of public evil; only the inner desire to be free, which will lead to voluntary action can be decisive. Western leaders with Anglo-Saxon roots are spiritually separated from the local peoples by the “color barrier” established by their racial consciousness. For them, understanding the souls of the indigenous people is a task that hardly covers their competence. This is where Islam can play its part.

    So, here, in the prospect of the future, we can note two spheres for the influence that Islam can have on the cosmopolitan proletariat of Western society, who has thrown its networks on the whole world and has embraced all of humanity; as for the more distant future, it is worth considering the possible contribution of Islam to some of the new manifestations of religion. ”

    And finally, we recall the words of George Bernard Shaw:

    “I have always respected the religion of Muhammad with great respect because of its high vitality. This is the only religion that, in my opinion, has the ability to adapt to changing living conditions, which [no doubt] can please people of any age. I studied his life – in my opinion, he is an amazing person – certainly not an antichrist, on the contrary – he can be called the savior of mankind. I think that if a person like him was given the rights of a dictator in the modern world, he could solve his problems in such a way that these decisions would bring so much desired peace and happiness: I predicted the faith of Muhammad that she would be accepted by tomorrow’s Europe, and is already beginning to be accepted by modern Europe. ”

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