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    Selecting the Right Friend

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    Selecting the Right Friend

    We start with the Name of Allah, we praise Him, and we ask Allah to raise the rank of our dear and beloved master Muhammad, and protect his nation from that which he feared for them. Thereafter;Dear respected brothers and Sisters in Islam,Allah said in the Holy Qur’an:الأخلاء

    يومئذ بعضهم لبعض عدوّ إلا المتقين

    This Ayah means: {Those who were friends in this life will be enemies on the Day of Judgement except those who were pious}Allah Subhanahu Wa ta^ala informs us in this verse that the people who were friends in this world will turn into enemies in the Hereafter except for those whose friendship was based on piety their love to one another and companionship will surely remain.The pious slaves, dear brothers, are those who do all what Allah ordered them to do and refrained from all what Allah forbade. They are the ones who treat the people with kindness and are honest in their islamically approved dealings.

    Selecting the Right Friend
    Selecting the Right Friend

    The Question is: How many people nowadays carefully choose and select the pious, God-fearing friend, how many parents these days are truly concerned about choosing the righteous companions for their children. Very little indeed. This is mainly due to them keeping away from the gatherings where the knowledge of the Religion is being taught.The pious slaves of Allah are those who co-operate with one another to perform what Allah accepts, they get together to do what is obedient to Allah. A pious friend will guide you to goodness and to the deeds which will benefit you for your afterlife.

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    So instead of asking you; where do you want to go out to tonight, or which dance club do you want to go to or what movie do you wish to watch in the theatre tonight, he will ask you; which religious lesson shall we both attend this evening by the will of Allah Jalla wa-^Ala. Note that seeking added knowledge in the religion is an indication that Allah has willed goodness for he who does.

    Therefore, the righteous friends are those who remind each other about the Hereafter and encourage each other to perform good deeds. They do not cheat each other, and certainly do not encourage each other to doing something forbidden or unjust.

    A pious friend is one would advise you and warn you if you do a forbidden act because he wishes you to be religiously well. Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him said what means:<< The believer is like a mirror to his brother >>Meaning he warns and advises his brother until his situation is corrected. The mirror is used to reveal that which we dislike in ourselves in order to be removed or corrected. The prophet likened the believer to the mirror in terms of recognizing the faults in his brother and guiding him for the sake of Allah until that fault is corrected.

    The pious friend is the one who loves you for the sake of Allah, not because of worldly matters, your money or because he wishes to marry someone related to you.

    Those who truly love each other for the sake of Allah shall be under the shade of the throne (the ceiling of Paradise) on the Day of Judgement, where the prophets and martyrs will be pleased to see them.In conclusion my dear brothers and sisters, if you know that your Muslim brother has not learnt the matters of the religion, has not learnt the obligations and is not aware of the forbidden matters, then it is your duty not leave him the way he is and to advise him with wisdom for the sake of Allah.

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    And if you wish to visit your brother, then visit him with sincere good intentions hoping for Allah to reward you on the Day of Judgement.

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