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Sehzade Mosque (in Turkish: Sehzade Cami) – Ottoman era mosque, located in the Fatih district on the third hill in Istanbul. Suleiman the Magnificent ordered the mosque to honor the memory of his beloved son Sehzade Mehmed, who died at the age of 21. Sometimes it is called “the prince’s mosque.”

Mehmed was the eldest sons of Suleiman from his wife Hurrem, better known as Roxelana. His exact cause of death is unknown, some believe that he died of smallpox, while others believe that he was indeed killed.


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Sehzade Mosque was the first large imperial commission of the architect Sinan. He completed it in 1548 CE and is considered the best work of his apprenticeship.


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The area of ​​the front yard is the area of ​​the mosque itself. The ablution space (known as şadırvan) in the center was donated by Sultan Murat IV.

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The interior of the mosque has a square shape, on which a large central dome rests, surrounded by four domes and numerous smaller domes. The bombing of central Istanbul in 2016 led to the destruction of many windows.

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In addition to the mosque, the complex consists of the mausoleum of Prince Mehmed, two madrasas, public cuisine and a hotel for travelers (caravanserai). Prince Humash’s only daughter and his younger brother Chihangir are also buried here.

Source: The Rough Guide to Istanbul, Wikipedia

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