Should The Awakened African Be A Christian, A Muslim, Or A Fetish Priest?

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A response to a comment posted on The Awakened Power platform by one who does not believe in the existence of Jesus. It’s answered here by a revolutionary soldier on the same platform.


Feeding the poor and needy is an act that draws us closer to Allah. We earn His forgiveness, mercies and blessings through this act of charity.

“Anyone who looks after and works for a widow and a poor person is like a warrior fighting for Allah?s cause, or like a person who fasts during the day and prays all night. (Bukhari)

The comment: *”I thought this group was for woke people not those who still worship Jesus a Whiteman”*

The rejoinder”
“Does it mean those who ‘worship’ Jesus are still ‘sleeping’?

What of those who believe in “Jesusism”? (A terminology coined by my very self to connote the teachings and doings attributed to the Jesus of the Christian Bible)?

If so, I’ll appreciate it we pick it from there, brick by brick, such sayings and doings of Jesus, and we have informative debate on that. We can use that as a topic for debate. For, personally, I am a student of the Bible, Quran, African Tradition, Buddhism,and any other teachings that comes my way. As to whether or not the Jesus of the Bible is European framed story, I still go by His words, and they’re profitable to my life.

The life of the Jesus in the Christian Bible tells and teach me how to overcome my flesh through thins and thicks. Parables used by Him build a beautiful follower of its dictates, and from such, Kings and Queens are made. Read the personal profiles of leaders of our time, and check the faith they belong.

Not only Christianity, but they’re more times faithful and religious.

Actually, I don’t buy into the idea of letting the world know that to be called “awakened” you don’t have to believe in the existence of a Jesus or a Muhammad. Rather, how beautifully it would look, if the “awakened” should be adored and praised for his ability to know everything about the Jesus and the Muhammad. He adopts and practice the undisputed betters in there, and use same to teach what awakes the slumbered burdened African?

Our focus should not be to spend precious time to review a book, being it sacred or not, that has been published widely, read widely, reviewed widely, and commands billions of followers for millennia.

I am a writer. In my write-ups, I’ve had many made-up characters. They command their followers in their readers, I get many people who daily contact me to confess that. So it’s with any other story we read. We align ourselves to the hero in the book. As you read and understand better the story, you create in your mind your heroism from the story, and that’s created about a particular hero in that story who inspires you most.

So it’s with they who read about Jesus and the Muhammad in the Christian Bible and the Quran.

If we’re rising now, it shouldn’t be fighting Jesus, Muhammad and the supposed framers of such books to hoodwink Africans. Our strength is to be geared at waking up the “sleepy” African who still cannot figure out conmen in cassocks, hijabs and Dosoo (kilts won by fetish priests). We’ll fail our “sleepy” Africans to die in their sleep if with our acquired knowledge, boasting with an air of “Awakened Power”, we cannot tell with examples and illustrations who a pastor is, what an Imam should be, and the exemplary life of a fetish priest.

Our battle would suffer a stillbirth if we don’t base on the teachings of Jesus and that of Muhammad to enlighten the brainwashed sleepy faithfuls of Christianity and Islam.

Not only there should we leave our fight, in our traditional religions, in the shrines of the fetish priests, evil goes on there as it’s seen in the Churches and the in Mosques. A queasy and mortifying evil which I believe is compelling folks whose destinies crave for righteousness resign and say: “there’s no a religion, there’s no a Christ, there’s no a Muhammad, they were all made up.”

“Fellow Awakened Soldiers bent on rebuilding Africa’s fallen walls, we are armed with the benefit of knowledge from all sources in our time than any other generation. The sharpened swords we wield now will get blunt before we use it for right course if we spend time regurgitating on the old control measures of religious fight.

As they, our supposed detractors write and teach, let’s read theirs also, adapt and adopt those that would be a treasured arsenal in our armoury. Using that as a catalyst, we can brew the best of mind-changing- potion that would facilitate our easy victory.

Always remember that: to control the people, control the mind. To lead the people, lead their minds”.

Let’s join hands to to hoist aloft our mind-controlling magic wand in the skies of now brainwashed Africa.”

Long live Jesusism!
Long live Muhammadism!
Long live African Traditionalism!
Long live the power of the awakened African Soldier in this generation!

*Written by: Charles Yeboah (Sir Lord)*
*Contact/WhatsApp: +233249542111*
*Email: [email protected]*


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