Sky News political editor Faisal Islam takes on anti-EU heckler who called Theresa May a traitor

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Moment Sky Newsman Faisal Islam takes anti-EU heckler to task after he yells ‘TRAITOR‘ during live broadcast about Theresa May‘s Brexit battle

This is the moment Sky News‘s Faisal Islam took on an anti-EU protestor outside Downing Street after he branded the Prime Minister a traitor.


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Islam was reporting outside Downing Street this afternoon where is holding crunch talks with her cabinet in a desperate bid to get an EU withdrawal deal through the House of Commons.

He was about to cut back to Kay Burley outside number ten Downing Street when he was interrupted by a man wearing a rosette and decided to take him to task.

Islam asked ‘why he thought it was okay to use that kind of language‘, to which the protestor replied: ‘Because that‘s what she is – she‘s acting against the interests of the country‘. 

He said to his colleague: ‘Hang on Kay, bear with me‘ before turning to the man to ask: ‘Why did you just shout treason? How is that helpful?‘

The man, who was holding a banner, replied: ‘She acted against the interests of the country.‘

But Islam insisted: ‘You may disagree with her, but why use the word treason?‘

His reply was: ‘Because that‘s what she is, look the word up in the dictionary, that‘s what the word means.‘

The protester claimed the ‘truth hurts‘, but Islam responded: ‘No, no, you think it‘s the truth, but we have politics so we can mediate between differences of opinion. 

‘You‘re saying if they don‘t agree with your opinion they‘re traitors, so how does that help?‘



MPs will try to stop No Deal by passing a law compelling May to ask for a delay to Brexit.  The MPs led by Oliver Letwin and Yvetter Cooper will try to ram the legislation through the Commons tomorrow – with the help of Speaker John Bercow. Bercow has already been accused of being a Remain sympathiser who is helpful to Remain causes but less so to Brexiteers.  


 Unless there is a rapid breakthrough, Mrs May‘s hopes of holding a fourth vote on her Brexit deal this week appear to be over.

Instead, the PM appears set to pursue cross party talks instead – in theory with a view to voting the deal through before an EU summit and if not soon enough 


Time is running desperately short for May to decide an alternative before the EU summit on 10 April. The government must brief EU governments on what to expect so preparations for the summit can be made.


Another summit with EU leaders – where May will ask for a new delay beyond April 12. 

May‘s new plan is to strike a cross-party consensus in London and persuade EU leaders it means the deal can be delivered in time for Brexit on May 22.

She may have to accept a longer extension that means holding EU elections, as Brussels has made clear this is a red line – and will take a decision on delay without Britain and it must be unanimous. 

EU officials including Michel Barnier have warned that the risk of an accidental No Deal is increasing if May arrives with no plan.


Britain is due to leave the EU without a deal on this date if no delay is agreed. 


‘We live in a free country, I‘m allowed to say that.‘  

Continuing to press him on why he felt his choice of language was acceptable, the man added: ‘Because she‘s acting against the interests of the country. Have you noticed how comfortable she is when she‘s with her friends in Brussels?

‘How more comfortable she is when she‘s in Europe compared to the place over the road?‘

But Islam said he ‘doesn‘t notice that at all‘, before apologising to his studio colleagues and adding: ‘Sorry I thought I just had to pick you up on that language, sorry about that Kay. 

‘Some protestors here and it‘s become quite normal using that type of language. I just thought I‘d see why people think it‘s okay to call politicians traitors and use words like treason.   

The Prime Minister‘s ‘mother of all Cabinet meetings‘ this afternoon has massively overrun with MPs having their phones taken to avoid leaks and only allowed a sandwich and a stroll around the No 10 garden in a brief break from crisis talks.  

Mrs May and her ministers have been hunkered down debating the way ahead for Brexit – and they entered Number 10  this morning bitterly divided between those who want Britain to leave the EU without a deal a week on Friday, and those who favour accepting a long delay and moving towards a ‘softer‘ option.   

They are trying to come up with a solution as Remainer MPs launch a new plot to stop a No Deal Brexit starting tomorrow, and following a warning from the the country’s top civil servant that crashing out of the EU could push food prices up by 10 per cent and plunge Britain into a recession. 

Fifteen of the Cabinet want to crash out without a deal, ten back a softer Brexit and those on the losing side this evening could quit in disgust.    

Ministers must decide on a way ahead before the rebel MPs led by Conservative Sir Oliver Letwin and Labour‘s Yvette Cooper force their hand by seizing control of Parliament again tomorrow. 

Letwin and Cooper will launch their plot to stop No Deal by passing a law compelling Theresa May to ask for a long delay to Brexit.


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