Story Of Abraham: The Physical Action

Abraham destroys idols to prove the futility of worshiping them.

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Story Of Abraham: The Physical Action

And now it is time to back up the call with deeds. Abraham made a bold, determined attempt to get rid of idols. Regarding this case, the Quran and the Bible differ somewhat. The latter claims that Abraham encroached only on the idols of his father. The Quran also speaks of the destruction of all idols stored on the spiritual altar. Abraham has already hinted at his intentions regarding idols:

“And I swear by Allah, I will arrange a trick against your idols, after you turn, moving away from them!” (Quran 21:57)


Feeding the poor and needy is an act that draws us closer to Allah. We earn His forgiveness, mercies and blessings through this act of charity.

“Anyone who looks after and works for a widow and a poor person is like a warrior fighting for Allah?s cause, or like a person who fasts during the day and prays all night. (Bukhari)

During a religious festival, probably dedicated to Sin, people left the city. Abraham declined the invitation to the festival:

“Then he glanced at the stars and said:“ I am sick ”(Quran 37:88)

When there was no one left in the city, Abraham took the opportunity. Entering a deserted temple, he saw gilded idols made of wood. Before them were delicious dishes. Abraham grinned:

“He sneaked into their gods and said,“ Do you not eat? What’s wrong with you? Why don’t you speak? ”(Quran 37-91)

Story Of Abraham: The Physical Action
Story Of Abraham: The Physical Action

What could induce a person to worship an idol he made with his own hands?

“He approached them and began to beat them with his right hand” (Quran 37-93)

The Quran reports:

“… he smashed to pieces [idols], except for the main one, believing that they would return [to him]” (Quran 21:58)

The priests who returned to the temple were shocked by such blasphemy. They could not understand, whose hand was raised on such a nasty affair. Someone mentioned the name of Abraham, speaking unflattering about idols. He was immediately called. And again Abraham pointed out their folly:

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“… and he asked them:” Do you really worship what you carved? Allah has made you and that which you sculpt ”(Quran 37: 95-96)

The anger of the priests was growing, they were not determined to listen to the sermons. The only thing that interested them was who encroached on their gods:


“O Ibrahim! Did you do the same to our gods? ”(Quran 21:62)

Abraham destroyed the idols, but left the chief of them intact. And now he said:

“Not! Elder them, here this one. Ask them about it if they have the gift of speech ”(Quran 21:63)

Abraham’s words plunged the priests into confusion. They began to blame each other for failing to save the gods. Avoiding his gaze, they said:

“You know that they are not capable of talking” (Quran 21:65)

Abraham insisted:

“Do you worship other than Allah to someone who is not able to help or harm you in anything? Contempt for you and those whom you worship besides Allah! Will you not change your mind? “(Quran 21: 66-67)

Prosecutors turned into inductees. Their untenable logic did not allow Abraham to give a reasonable answer. Overwhelmed with anger and rage, the priests sentenced Abraham to be burned alive.

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They said, “Burn him …”

The city’s common forces ignited the greatest flame they had ever seen. Young Abraham obeyed the fate chosen for him by the Lord of Worlds. The test did not undermine, but only strengthened his faith. Even his young age did not make Abraham shudder in the face of such a horrible death for him. Before giving fire, he said:

“God It is enough for me and He is the best disposer of affairs.” (Sahih al-Bukhari)

The Lord tested the faith of Abraham, and the prophet proved that he was willing to sacrifice his existence for his faith in the One God. By his actions Abraham proved the sincerity of his convictions.

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The Lord did not want such a terrible fate to Abraham, because a great mission was laid on his shoulders. He was to become the father of one of the great prophets sent to humanity. God’s salvation of Abraham became a sign for him and his people

“We said:” O fire! Be for Ibrahim (Abraham) coolness and salvation! “They wanted to harm him, but We made sure that they were at the greatest loss” (Quran 21: 69-70)

So, the fire did not hurt Abraham. Idolaters wanted revenge for their gods, but in the end they were humiliated.

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