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    The grave of Umme Haram (may Allah be pleased with her)

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    This is the place (in Larnaca, Cyprus) of the tomb of Umme Haram (may Allah be pleased with her), who was Anas Aunt (may Allah be pleased with her). The Prophet Mohammed (saw) often visited her and sometimes slept at noon at her home in Medina.

    The Prophet (saw) once slept in her house when he woke up with a smile.

    Umme Haram (may Allah be pleased with her) said: “O Prophet Muhammad! You are more precious to me than my parents, tell me what made you smile.

    He said: “In the dream, I saw several of my followers going for jihad across the sea. In their barges they looked like kings sitting on thrones.

    Umme Haram (may Allah be pleased with her) said: “O Prophet of Allah! Pray that I will also be among these people. ”

    He replied: “Be sure you will be one of them.”

    He went to bed again and stood up, smiling the second time. Answering the question of Umme Haram, he said: “I again saw several more people going to Jihad across the sea”.

    Umme Haram (may Allah be pleased with her) asked him to pray for her to join them, he said: “No, you are only with the first group.”

    The grave of Umme Haram (may Allah be pleased with her)
    The grave of Umme Haram (may Allah be pleased with her)

    During Khilafat of Usman (may Allah be pleased with him), Amir Mu’awiya (may Allah be pleased with him), the governor of Syria, asked permission to send expeditionary forces to the island of Cyprus. This permission was granted by Usman (may Allah be pleased with him). Umm Haram (may Allah be pleased with her) with her husband Ubada ben Samit (may Allah be pleased with him) was in that force. Returning from the island, she fell from a mule, broke her neck and died. She was buried in the above location.

    SourcesFazail-e-Aamal – Sheikh Zakariyya Kandhalvi

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