The Jinn (Genies)

Briefly about the jinn: their existence and abilities.

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Supernatural and invisible has always been of particular interest to humanity. One thought about the existence of a parallel world is fascinating! Usually, the parallel world is represented to us by the world of spirits. As a rule, every nation has a belief about them. For some, spirits are nothing but ghosts, the souls of dead people. For others – the forces of evil or good, they fight among themselves for the right to own humanity. Be that as it may, it all sounds more like an epic and fantasy. True information about a parallel world is provided by Islam. Among other things, he explains and hidden from the human eye. Islamic explanation provides answers to many secrets of modernity. Thanks to such knowledge, Muslims do not perceive any fables, tales of spirits, etc.

Let’s return to the jinn. So who (or what) are Jinn?

The Existence Of The Jinn (Genies)

Genies are creatures that live on earth, in a world parallel to the human. The Arabic word “genie” comes from “janna” – to hide or conceal. Thus, according to their description, jinn are invisible to humans. It is because of this that some people refuse to believe in them. And yet, the influence of jinn on our world is large enough to prove the failure of denying jinn as God’s creations. The Qur’an and Sunna speak of the origin of the jinn:


Feeding the poor and needy is an act that draws us closer to Allah. We earn His forgiveness, mercies and blessings through this act of charity.

“Anyone who looks after and works for a widow and a poor person is like a warrior fighting for Allah?s cause, or like a person who fasts during the day and prays all night. (Bukhari)

“We made man from dry, ringing clay obtained from modified mud. And even earlier, We created the jinn from the scorching flame ”(Quran 15: 26-27)

Hence, the genies existed before man. But this is not the only difference in their creation: man is made of clay, and jinn, as the Lord said, and then the prophet Muhammad (SAW), from the fire:

“Angels are made of light, and jinn are made of fire without smoke” (Sahih Muslim)

The Jinn (Genies): Intorduction To Jinn's World And Existence
The Jinn (Genies): Intorduction To Jinn’s World And Existence

This description tells us a lot. The fiery nature of the jinn determines their relationship with the person. Like man, the jinn are bound to worship the Lord and follow the teachings of Islam. The purpose of their life is no different from ours:

“I created the jinn and people just to worship Me” (Quran 51:56)

It turns out that among the jinn are both Muslims and non-Muslims. Non-Muslim genies form the army of the most famous genie – Satan. That is why unbelieving genies are called devils. Some of the jinn agree to accept Islam, as happened with the Prophet Muhammad (SAW) when they admired the reading of the Quran. The Lord commanded His messenger to tell people about this incident:


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“Say:“ It was revealed to me that several jinn listened to the reading of the Quran and said: “Truly, we have heard the amazing Quran. He sets us on a straight path, and we have believed in him, and we will not make partners with our God ”(Quran 72: 1-2)

Genies are very similar to us in all aspects of life. They eat, drink, marry, have children and die. Although they live much longer than man. Like us, they will appear before the Creator on the day of the Great Court and will begin to answer for their actions. And then they will enter either Paradise or Hell.

Jinn (Genies) Abilities

What distinguishes a genie from a human being is their strength and ability. The Lord has endowed them with such testing facilities. If they use their power to oppress others, they will have to bear responsibility for it. Knowing the extraordinary abilities of the genies, we look at the mysterious events happening around us in a different way. One of the genies’ abilities is the adoption of any appearance. So, they can appear before us as a person, animal, plant, etc. Thousands of people around the world watched strange creatures. If we believe in the existence and abilities of the jinn, such a phenomenon will not cause us to misunderstand.

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Another skill that the genies have learned to bring to perfection over the centuries has been to master the mind and bodies of other creatures. But, since it is their oppression to use other creatures as a shell, jinn are forbidden to do this. Stories of borrowing someone else’s body have always aroused the incredible interest of a person, although you rarely find anyone who really understands this. But for the film industry the theme of “borrowing the body” turned out to be quite a tasty morsel. Barely got hold, the writers began to use it in the tail, and in the mane. In the 70s, films like The Exorcist and The Rosemary’s Baby told people about borrowing the body. Since those who made movies were unenlightened people in such subtle things as the world of jinn, they drew information (mostly) from Christian sources. Unfortunately, this information did not differ truthfulness. And instead of introducing people to the world of jinn, films only sowed fear in human hearts.

Only Islam gives a true explanation of this phenomenon. Muslims know that the genies seize people’s bodies for many reasons. Sometimes this happens because a genie or a member of his family was harmed (even by accident). Sometimes a genie falls in love with a person and infuses him. But most often the reason is the evilness and wickedness of the jinn. That is why Allah commands Muslims as often as possible to read the Quran in their homes. Prophet Muhammad (SAW), said:

“Verily, Satan flees from the house where Al-Baqarah (2nd Surah of the Quran) is read)” (Tirmizi)

If, however, the genie did move into man, it can only be cast out in the Name of the Lord. An example of the Prophet Muhammad (SAW), and his companions show us many ways to exile. There is not one among them, where Muhammad (SAW) did not mention the Name of Allah. How strongly contradicts this practice today expelling! They cast out jinn not with the Name of the Most High. Genies are cunning creatures. Do not forget this. Even if they leave the body of a person, they will do it only so that the exorcist will turn to someone other than the Lord the next time. But if the genie was expelled, it does not mean that he will not return (perhaps even the next minute), because only the Name of Allah can prevent him from oppressing people.

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Genies enter not only into people, but also into animals, into plants … By doing this, malicious genies try to convince a person to worship someone other than God. Genies infest idols. The “milk miracle” that once spread around the world shook the world. From Bombay to London, countless idols drank milk! Ganesh (an elephant-headed deity), Hanuman (a monkey god), and even Shiva’s lingam (male organ (!)) Eagerly swallowed milk! Unfortunately, people bought into it, and crowds of people flocked to the Indian deities, just to see the “miracle”. Undoubtedly, the attempt of the jinn to bring people to the worship of false gods proved to be successful. CONTINUE READING: The World Of Jinn (Genies) And Their Secret Action

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