The Story of the Prophet Moses (Musa): Confidence In God

The actions of the Musa mothers show that in addition to our dependence on God, there is nothing in the world worth relying on.

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In the story of the Prophet Musa, we can get a lot of lessons. These lessons not only come from his experience of being Prophet, but also from his legendary experience of birth and growth. The innocent behavior of his mother is still very profound for us today, that is, everything depends on God.

The year when the Prophet Musa was born was the year when Pharaoh was gave order to kill all the Israeli new born boys. In such an environment, we can unfold our imagination and look back at the terror atmosphere that envelopes the whole society. In such an environment, women’s pregnancy is not something that can be celebrated and cherished, but it is the source of fear and insecurity.


Feeding the poor and needy is an act that draws us closer to Allah. We earn His forgiveness, mercies and blessings through this act of charity.

“Anyone who looks after and works for a widow and a poor person is like a warrior fighting for Allah?s cause, or like a person who fasts during the day and prays all night. (Bukhari)

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The government’s “security personnel” patrolled the streets, invading every household and searching whether women were pregnant or had children. The mother of the Prophet Musa is almost unable to conceal the fact of pregnancy. She gave birth to Musa in such a white horror: she felt endless fear, and she was speechless to the security personnel. Her surroundings were full of darkness. Is she surrounded by her own female partner or standing? Her husband grabbed her hand and asked her not to cry? Did the neighbors find that she was taken to the soldiers?

No matter how bad the situation is, Musa was born. This is a boy whose inner heart is intertwined with emotions of fear and joy. What can they do now? How do they hide this newly born child? Musa’s mother is a faithful believer and fears Allah. At this crisis, she turns to Allah to pray, and Allah reveals her:

“I have revealed Musa’s mother (said): ‘You should breastfeed him. When you are afraid of his victimization, you will cast him in the river. Don’t be afraid, don’t worry, I will return him to you. I must appoint him as a messenger.” (Quran 28:7)

Musa’s mother tried to hide her own pregnancy in the month before Musa’s birth, fearing that Musa died in Pharaoh’s hand. Now she embraces the newly born Musa, and at this time God has inspired her to cast Moussa into the river. This river is not a quiet river, but a surging Nile (Nile River). Her initial reaction was that once Musa was thrown into the Nile, it was undoubtedly another murder.

But Musa’s mother trusts Allah, the Qur’an states: “Don’t be afraid, don’t worry, I will bring him back to you.” So she made a waterproof wooden box and put her loved one into the box. Put the box into the river again. Ibn Kathir narrates that when the wooden box hits the river, the raging river immediately becomes quiet and gentle, with the box flowing steadily downstream. The mother told Musa’s sister to walk along the reed and stare at the wooden box.

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The wooden box with the noble boy inside it drifted along the Nile, flowing through the hut, swaying the boat, and stopped at the palace of Pharaoh. Musa’s sister watched with horror, what would happen. The man who came out of the Pharaoh’s palace pulled the wooden box out of the water. Thus Musa was thrown into the river and escaped from Pharaoh’s clutch. Now he lives in the court of Pharaoh. This situation will put tremendous pressure on the mother, but this incident shows that God’s promise is true and reliable.


“…and supply him from places he could not have imagined, who trusts Allah, who will satisfy him. Allah can achieve his purpose, and Allah has made every thing fixed.” (Quran 65:3)

The young Musa was taken to Asiya, the wife of Pharaoh. Asiya is an upright, kind person compared to her arrogant husband. Allah opened her heart and Asiya looked at the child and fell in love with him. The couple were unable to pregnant. This child awakens her mother’s instinct. Asiya holds the child in her arms and asks her husband to accept the child into their family.

The Story of the Prophet Moses (Musa): Confidence In God
The Story of the Prophet Moses (Musa): Confidence In God

Contrary to Pharaoh’s idea of ​​destroying the descendants of Israel, he accepted the child. This is God’s careful plan: the child was fostered in the royal family, he was not abandoned, and he became a member of the Egyptian royal family. Pharaoh and Asiya recognized Musa as their son, and now Musa was protected by enemies who were looking for him.

“Pharaoh’s attendants have picked him up, so that he became their enemy and worry. Pharaoh, Harman and their army are indeed wrong. Pharaoh’s wife said: ‘(This) is my comfort. Don’t kill him, maybe he is good for us, or we take him as a righteous. ‘(They listen to her), they don’t know.” (Quran 28:8-9)

Asiyah ordered the man to give him a drink, but the little boy did not eat the milk she gave, causing great trouble to the Pharaoh family. At that time, there was no infant formula, and people didn’t know how to cope with the chaos. The women in the royal were busy around Asiya, and no one noticed that Musa’s sister was in the middle of the crowd. She took the courage to go forward and proposed a solution. She said that there is a woman who can feed the child. If this is not the arrangement of God, the royal family will not follow the advice of an unnamed child. Musa’s sister was ordered to leave immediately and brought the woman into the palace.

“Before, I forbid him to eat anyone’s milk. His sister said, ‘Shall I introduce you to a household who raise him for you, they are sincerely and they will rear him in a good manner?” (Quran 28:12)

So Musa’s biological mother walked to Asiya’s side. Is she rushing on the road or crying sadly? We don’t know. But Allah tells us that when Musa was thrown into the river, her heart was empty, and she almost revealed herself because of her sadness. She ran wildly along the banks of the Nile, looking for her dear child? When her daughter ran into the house panting and told Mussa’s experience, her pain immediately vanished.

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Mother and daughter rushed back to the palace. Musa returned to her mother’s side, and he quietly sucked on his mother’s milk. According to Ibn Kathir, the entire royal family, including Pharaoh himself, was shocked. Pharaoh asked her what she was. She replied: “My milk is sweet and smells good. No child has ever wanted to suck my milk.” Pharaoh thought she was right, so Musa returned to her mother’s warm embrace. As a prince of Egypt is raised.

“So I sent him back to his mother so that she could be comforted, no longer sad, and know that God’s promises were true, but most of them did not know.” (Quran 28:13)

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