True Story Of Prophet Noah: Noah builds the Ark

The people of Noah refused to his call, and Allah ordered him to build the ark.

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Noah continued to appeal to the people to believe in Allah, so they became two groups. The vulnerable group listened to his words, and the strong group did not believe his words, thinking that it would only erode their power and status. Noah and the unbelievers began a war of words. They accused Noah of being like them, nothing special. Noah agrees with this. He is really only an individual, but the difference is that he brought the warning of Allah. Almighty Allah tells us:

“I have indeed sent Noah to educate his clan and say, ‘I am a frank warning to you. You must not worship anything except God. I am afraid that you will suffer the punishment of the painful day.” But this chiefs of the disbelievers in his clan say: “We think that you are just a mortal like us. We believe that only the most despicable people in us are obedient to you. We think that you are not superior to us. We even believe that you are lying. .'” (The Qur’an 11:25-27)


Feeding the poor and needy is an act that draws us closer to Allah. We earn His forgiveness, mercies and blessings through this act of charity.

“Anyone who looks after and works for a widow and a poor person is like a warrior fighting for Allah?s cause, or like a person who fasts during the day and prays all night. (Bukhari)

Noah clarified for the rebels that by believing in Allah and praying for his forgiveness, they will benefit, and will receive a rich return. The children and grandchildren will be rich and flourishing, and there will be lush orchards and flowing rivers. But unbelievers refuse to believe, feeling the most comfortable in arrogance.

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Conflict Escalation

The people who opposed Noah and his call began to bargain with him. They told him that it is impossible for the disadvantaged and the powerful to have a common faith. Although the insults and threats of unbelievers continue, Noah still treats each other with courtesy. He said that he would never give up the weak believers who responded to the call, they are guests of Allah. He knows what to do and let them see their situation. For the sake of personal interest, only Noah, who is devoted to Allah, refuted them:

True Story Of Prophet Noah: Noah builds the Ark
True Story Of Prophet Noah: Noah builds the Ark

“My clan! I don’t ask for money from you to convey my mission. My reward is only for God. I don’t evict people from the channel. They must meet their Lord, but I think you are ignorant people. O my Clan! If I expel them, then who can protect me from the punishment of God? Why don’t you realize it? I don’t tell you that I have the treasure of God, not that I know the mystery, not that I am A god, not the one you despise, God does not reward them with any welfare – God knows their things – otherwise, I will be an unrighteous person.” (The Qur’an 11:29- 31)

They continue to argue until the non-believers no longer have any reason. They laughed at Noah and the believers, but Noah continued to convey his mission. Finally, he felt that his propaganda was meaningless, and he prayed to Allah to punish them. But Noah is not angry, he is still a bearer of patience and jealousy. But he began to realize that these unbelievers will only spread degeneration and suspicion. They will mislead and corrupt the believers and pass on the faith to their children. So Noah prayed to Allah:

“My Lord! Please do not leave an unbelievers on the earth. If you leave them, they will make your servants misunderstood. They only have unethical, unthangiving children.” (The Qur’an 71:26-27)


Amazing Islamic Historical Facts You Need To Know

Allah accepted his prayers.

Allah Ordered Noah To Build The Ark

Then Allah ordered Noah to build the Ark and promised that he would use the flood to punish the unbelievers.

“You should build a ship under my supervision and in my revelation. You should not pray for the unrighteous, they must be drowned.” (Quran 11:37)

Noah chose to build an ark away from the beach outside the city. Unbelievers ridiculed the sarcasm and said that the ship’s location does not have any water. Unbelievers will not understand the power and sublimity of Allah, and they cannot understand why Noah built the ark on a hill far from the ocean. They called him crazy and laughed loudly. When the ship began to model and was completed, Noah patiently waited for Allah’s orders.

True Story Of Prophet Noah: Noah builds the Ark
True Story Of Prophet Noah: Noah builds the Ark

“When my order came and the flood came out from the ground, I said, ‘You put each animal in a boat and make your family – except those who have been judged – and the channel People go on board together. ‘Only a few people are on the same channel with him.’ (Quran 11:40)

When the flood began to emerge from the ground and the storm fell, Allah ordered Noah to board the ship with his family and believers, and ordered him to bring each animal in pair (male and female), bird and insect, etc… The unbelievers looked at him suspiciously, not knowing the purpose of this animal.

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Noah’s wife did not want to go together because she never believed in Noah’s long-standing mission. His eldest son did not believe that when the flood came, he chose to flee to a mountain. Islamic scholars have different opinions on the number of people on board, but it is estimated to be up to 80 people. When the believers and animals boarded the ship, the floods flooded, and the rainstorms and lightnings were unprecedented. The water level is rising, and the rivers and lakes quickly inundate the land.

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