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    What’s in a (Muslim) Baby Name? — The Patriot Post

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    For the first time ever, Muhammad is one of the top 10 baby names in America. “While all this may seem innocuous enough — what’s in a name? — the fact is many Muslims see their offspring as contributions to the ‘struggle’ to make Islam supreme, since more numbers equate more influence and power,” writes Raymond Ibrahim. “Nor is the naming of ‘Muhammad’ a coincidence but rather a cryptic reminder from the parents concerning whom they most revere and hope their sons emulate — namely, the founder of Islam/jihad.”

    That, in a nutshell, is what makes this news so significant. Western Europe has been dealing with a burgeoning Muslim population in recent years and the results are often ugly — ranging from nastier identity politics to deadly terrorism. Muhammad is, after all, the most popular baby name in England and the Netherlands. Imams all over the continent talk of breeding themselves into a majority in the coming decades.

    Christian Europe seems a thing of the distant past, and empty pews are becoming more prevalent in the United States now too. Along with that decline has been a decline in fertility in the West. Thus, when Muslims emigrate and are “fruitful and multiply,” it isn’t long before significant demographic shifts occur. And that will have major consequences for future generations.

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