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Some people claim that the Quran was compiled by Muhammad, peace be upon him. This article provides several reasons why the world of Muhammad on him is not the author of the Quran.

He was not free

The Prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him, was not free, which means that he did not know how to read and write. He did not have the opportunity to write the Quran. The Quran calls him an illiterate prophet. The Quran even notes that Muhammad, who became a prophet at the age of 40, never wrote a book or anything else.

And you could not]read the book before

(Quran), and you can not rewrite it with your right hand: in this case, it would really be doubtful talkers of vanities. No, there are signs evident in the hearts of people endowed with knowledge: and no one, besides the unjust, rejects our signs (Quran: 29: 48-49).[theQur’ān)norareyouabletotranscribeitwithyourrighthand:inthatcaseindeedwouldthetalkersofvanitieshavedoubtedNayherearesignsself-evidentintheheartsofthoseendowedwithknowledge:andnonebuttheunjustrejectOursigns(Qur’ān:29:4:29nand29n:29:29:29:29[theQur’ān)norareyouabletotranscribeitwithyourrighthand:inthatcaseindeedwouldthetalkersofvanitieshavedoubted Nayherearesignsself-evidentintheheartsofthoseendowedwithknowledge:andnonebuttheunjustrejectOursigns(Qur’ān:29:48–49)

How could he suddenly compose a book that became a masterpiece of Arabic? The Quran was discovered in the golden age of the Arabic language, where Arabs mastered the language, read poems on demand, and yet they could not compare with the linguistic beauty of the Quran. In the next century, grammatists used the Quran as a reference to Arabic grammar. To assert that Muhammad, illiterate, compiled in the Qur'an, is not based on any factual data from his life.


If you read the Quran, you will immediately realize that it has a very confident tone. Most books begin by apologizing to the author for any flaws in the book. Some books even have several editions to fill the shortcomings of the previous edition. However, the Quran is the opposite. There is a well-known Arabic statement: "He who does not have something cannot give it." If you are not sure, they cannot give it. The Quran begins with a very strong statement: This is a book about which there is no doubt, a guide for those who are conscious of Allah. (Quran 2: 2). Such a confident tone is not a liar.

In the Quran, the prophet says goodbye to him. He is told to speak and preach. For example, the Quran says: “Say:“ God is one, ”it is“ say ”in the singular, because it is addressed to him directly. It is difficult to agree with the fact that he wrote the Quran, which he himself wrote the Quran, because he turned to himself. We can say that he is crazy, but there is no indication that he is crazy. Rather, he was intelligent, compassionate, and led the whole community. The insane are not taken seriously and, of course, cannot induce smart people to positively transform the whole world.

In addition, the Quran criticizes and corrects the world of the Prophet Muhammad for his blessing for certain things he has made, or decisions he has made. If he were a liar, he would not make such amendments.

Other personalities

The nature of the Quran shows that the world of the Prophet on it had no choice in what it contains. The Prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him, is mentioned only in the Qur'an by name twice. If he were a liar, he would try to make himself look the most who claimed the prophecy. However, the Quran places Muhammad in the world among other prophets and messengers.

Moses is the most famous prophet in the Quran. The Quran insists that Muhammad is only a messenger, like the previous messengers. There is not a single chapter in the Quran named after the Prophet’s wife, his mother, or any of his closest relatives. However, there is a chapter in the Quran, named after Mary, the mother of Jesus, peace be upon him. Mary lived 600 years before Muhammad. If he were the author of the Quran, he would name the heads after his family, and not the people who lived centuries ago.

Nobody taught him

Some people claim that the world of Muhammad on it learned the Quran from others. However, they provide no evidence to support this claim. They mention that Muhammad traveled when he was a trader, but the journey itself is not proof that someone is learning. The demand he has learned from someone cannot be true for several reasons. First, his life is the most documented in history. His associates observed how he ate, drank, slept, led the community and interacted with others. His followers were very clever people who would notice his departure and study of the Quran.

Secondly, there are things in the Qur'an that no one at that time knew about. These accounts are part of what was beyond your knowledge. [Muhammad]We opened them to you. Neither you nor your people knew them before, so be patient: the future belongs to those who are aware of God (Quran 11:49). His critics could refute it simply by saying, “We knew it,” and this statement would turn out to be false. But no one got up and said that we know this information. Some people claim that the world of the Prophet was plagiarized by the Bible. However, he again did not read and did not write. In addition, the Bible has not yet been translated into Arabic at that time.

Thirdly, the Quran has been revealed for 23 years. If he learned from someone, we have to ask, where was this person for the entire time? If someone says that they were scared to come forward, then why did they not come out after the world of the Prophet calmed down, did he become successful and conquered Arabia and take responsibility? Fourth, sometimes people came to the Prophet, peace be upon him and asked him questions. The answers will be immediately disclosed and they are documented in the Quran.

Statistical data

There are many statistical, mathematical, and scientific evidence in the Quran that the world of the Prophet could not be known or intentionally included in it. The Quran has been revealed in 23 years, usually in response to various situations that the Prophet and his associates have encountered. The word "day" is mentioned exactly 365 times in the Quran. The word "month" is mentioned 12 times. There is a verse in the Qur'an that says: Truly, the example of Jesus, in God's sight, is the example of Adam; He made it from dust, and then said to Him, "Be," and he was (Quran 3:59). The name Adam is mentioned 25 times in the Quran, similarly the name Jesus mentioned 25 times, and they are not always mentioned in the same chapters. Who counted each of these cases to make sure they are used the same number of times? The Qur'an was revealed over time, it was not the one who wrote it on the table, thinking about where to place each word. If you go to the library and choose a book, what are the chances that the word "day" is scattered all over the book 365 times? The Qur'an combines all these rare instances, indicating that the Qur'an was developed by God, and not by the work of man. The Quran emphasizes this point, stating that God lists everything in numbers (Quran 72:28).


There are many reasons proving that the Quran is the word of God, and not the world of Muhammad. Muhammad just delivered a message from God. The reasons given above are just a few proofs that Muhammad’s world was not the author of the Quran. The Quran is a living miracle that continues to show its miracles, despite the fact that it was discovered 1400 years ago. Do you want to know more about the Qur'an? Call 877-WhyIslam, you deserve to know!

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