5 Duas to Make Before an Exam You Should Recite

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Have you ever wondered if is there any type of Duas to make before an exam? Most Muslim believe that before they will do everything should start with Duas, including before the exam.


Feeding the poor and needy is an act that draws us closer to Allah. We earn His forgiveness, mercies and blessings through this act of charity.

“Anyone who looks after and works for a widow and a poor person is like a warrior fighting for Allah?s cause, or like a person who fasts during the day and prays all night. (Bukhari)

Many years ago, it is already written in the Quran that making a Dua is one of the most important things for Muslims. Such as other activities, Duas to make before an exam is important as well. Most Muslim believe it will bring good luck to them as small deeds with big rewards in Islam.

If you are wondering about what kind of Duas to make before an exam, here we have some of them based on the Quran below. Let’s check them out!

1. Recite the Quran Surah Taha verses 25-28

The Quran surah Taha verses 25-28 contains so many good things to make a wish, such as for an exam. Those verses were recited by the prophet of Moses before he faced a difficult time with the king to prove that He had done the right thing.

As it is nowadays, the Quran surah Taha verses 25-28 are perfect to recite as one of the Duas to make before an exam as it becomes one of the most important Duas in the Quran.

قَالَ رَبِّ اشْرَحْ لِيْ صَدْرِيْ ۙ ٢٥ وَيَسِّرْ لِيْٓ اَمْرِيْ ۙ ٢٦وَاحْلُلْ عُقْدَةً مِّنْ لِّسَانِيْ ۙ ٢٧ يَفْقَهُوْا قَوْلِيْ ۖ ٢٨

“He (Moses) said, “O my Lord, open my chest, make my affairs easy for me, and remove the stiffness from my tongue, so that they may understand my words.” (QS 20: 25-28)

2. Recite the Quran Surah Taha verse 114

The Quran surah Taha verse 114 represents how Muslims should behave before learning something by making a supplication. That is because before learning something most Muslims wish to master what they’ve learned in advance.

As it is mentioned in the Quran surah Taga verse 114, it is already written that even learning the Quran should be done slowly and make supplication for it. That is why Muslims should make Duas make before an exam that can be recited from the Quran surah Taha verse 114.

فَتَعٰلَى اللّٰهُ الْمَلِكُ الْحَقُّۚ وَلَا تَعْجَلْ بِالْقُرْاٰنِ مِنْ قَبْلِ اَنْ يُّقْضٰٓى اِلَيْكَ وَحْيُهٗ ۖوَقُلْ رَّبِّ زِدْنِيْ عِلْمًا ١١٤

“Exalted is Allah, the true King. Do not (Prophet Muhammad) hasten (read) the Qur’an before its revelation to you is finished and say, “O my Lord, increase my knowledge.” (QS 20:114)

3. Recite the Quran Surah Al Anfal verse 62

Reciting the Quran Surah Al Anfal verse 62 is one of the Duas to make before an exam than can be done for every Muslim. The verse represents always remembering that Allah will guide them and help them in every situation, including that difficult ones.

Reciting the Quran surah Al Anfal verse 62 as the Duas to make before an exam will calm your mind before studying. Moreover, you get reassurance from the verse that Allah will be helping you in your study. You can also recite that verse as Duas to protect yourself from hell as well.

وَاِنْ يُّرِيْدُوْٓا اَنْ يَّخْدَعُوْكَ فَاِنَّ حَسْبَكَ اللّٰهُ ۗهُوَ الَّذِيْٓ اَيَّدَكَ بِنَصْرِهٖ وَبِالْمُؤْمِنِيْنَۙ ٦٢

“If they want to deceive you, Allah is sufficient for you. It is He who strengthens you with His help and with (support) the believers.” (QS 8:62)

4. Recite the Quran Surah Al Kahf verse 66

Reciting the Quran surah Al Kahf verse 66 is one of the Duas to make before an exam that Muslims can follow with a good manner of reciting the holy Quran. The surah represents patience while trying to learn something. It is also taught Muslims to be good people and more down to earth after understanding what they’ve taught.

Most Muslim knows better than to try to learn something, but before the exam, they will face a hard time memorizing what they’ve learned. That is why they need to be patient in these situations to avoid some of the reasons why their Dua is not answered by Allah.

قَالَ لَهٗ مُوْسٰى هَلْ اَتَّبِعُكَ عَلٰٓى اَنْ تُعَلِّمَنِ مِمَّا عُلِّمْتَ رُشْدًا ٦٦

“Musa said to him, “May I follow you so that you teach me (true knowledge) from what you have been taught (to be) guidance?” (QS 18:66)

5. Recite the Quran Surah Az Zuumar verse 9

Reciting the Quran surah Az Zuumar verse 9 is one of the Duas to make before an exam that can be followed by Muslims. The verse represents how Muslims should have known better whether in science or another thing to make their life more useful towards Allah.

The fact that Muslims should have known better by learning something can lead them to be good people. Not only they will be helpful to themselves but also for others as well that live around them so far.

اَمَّنْ هُوَ قَانِتٌ اٰنَاۤءَ الَّيْلِ سَاجِدًا وَّقَاۤىِٕمًا يَّحْذَرُ الْاٰخِرَةَ وَيَرْجُوْا رَحْمَةَ رَبِّهٖۗ قُلْ هَلْ يَسْتَوِى الَّذِيْنَ يَعْلَمُوْنَ وَالَّذِيْنَ لَا يَعْلَمُوْنَ ۗ اِنَّمَا يَتَذَكَّرُ اُولُوا الْاَلْبَابِ ࣖ ٩

“(Are the polytheists luckier) or the one who worships at night prostrating, standing up, fearing the (punishment) of the Hereafter, and hoping for the mercy of his Lord? Say (Prophet Muhammad), “Are those who know (the rights of Allah) the same as those who do not know (the rights of Allah)?” In fact, only Ululalbab (people of common sense) can receive lessons.” (QS 39:9)

So, there are some of the Duas to make before an exam that can be followed by Muslims. Most of them are based on the Quran, which you can recite daily so that you will get an easier way of understanding something while learning, moreover before an exam.

Have you ever tried reciting one of those verses above? May Allah will grant you to get an easier way to understand a thing while learning or memorizing something.


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