History Of Adam: Life On Earth

Life on earth, the first murder, the death of Adam

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So, the first people left paradise and began life on earth. Thanks to God, Adam did not come to a new habitat unprepared: he knew the name and purpose of each thing, he knew how to resist the machinations of Satan, and was ready to take the place of the prophet on earth and take care of it.

History Of Adam: Life On Earth, The First Murder, The Death Of Adam
Adam’s Peak, Sri Lanka

The first prophet was to teach his wife and children to worship the Lord. Adam established the laws of God on earth, began to take care of the family and cultivate the land. The mission of Adam was to preserve, cultivate, create, and inhabit; raise children who will live according to the laws of Allah the Most High, take care of the earth and change it for the better.


Feeding the poor and needy is an act that draws us closer to Allah. We earn His forgiveness, mercies and blessings through this act of charity.

“Anyone who looks after and works for a widow and a poor person is like a warrior fighting for Allah?s cause, or like a person who fasts during the day and prays all night. (Bukhari)

Adam’s first children

Cain and his sister were the first twins of Adam and Eve. Then Eve again gave birth to twins – Abel and his sister. The life of the family of Adam proceeded in peace and tranquility. Cain ploughed the earth, and Abel was engaged in animal husbandry. Time passed, and finally, it was time for both sons to marry. A group of the Companions of the Prophet Muhammad (SAW), among which Ibn Abbas and Ibn Masʻud (RA), report that marriage between a man from his first pregnancy and a woman from his second pregnancy was common practice among Adam’s children. Therefore, the Lord intended to inhabit the earth in this way.

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From the very beginning, beauty played a significant role in attracting attention. Cain’s future wife did not like him. He became jealous of his brother, refused to obey the orders of his father and, thus, showed disobedience to the Lord. Both good and evil coexist in a person’s soul, and the struggle with base desires is a test of God for humanity.

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The Lord commanded each of the sons to offer a sacrifice. Cain sacrificed his worst seed, Abel – the best animal. The Lord preferred Abel’s choice and accepted his sacrifice. Furious, Cain threatened to kill his brother.

“Tell them in truth [Muhammad] a story about the two sons of Adam, about how both of them sacrificed and how one was accepted and the other did not. And the second said: “If it be so, I will kill you” (Quran 5:27)

Abel told his brother that the Lord accepts only those who fear His punishment and serve Him, and even rejects the good deeds of the arrogant, selfish and disobedient to Him.

“[Abel] replied:“ Indeed, Allah accepts [sacrifice] only from pious husbands. Even if you raise your hand to kill me, I will [not care] raise hands to kill you. For I fear Allah, the Lord of the Worlds ” (Quran 5: 27-28)


First Murder

“But his soul [desire] to kill his brother inspired him. And he killed him and he was among the losers”(Quran 5:30)

According to the Prophet Muhammad (SAW), Cain struck his brother with a piece of iron on the head. One version of the hadith says that Cain hit a sleeping brother.

“Then Allah sent a crow and [told him] to rake the earth in order to show [Cain] how to bury the frail body of his brother. He exclaimed: “Woe is me! I cannot, like this raven, bury my brother’s body.” And he was among those who regretted”(Quran 5:31)

Adam was crushed by grief. He lost both sons: one was killed, the other was subject to the man’s worst enemy – Satan. Keeping his composure, Adam prayed for his son and continued to take care of the Earth. He told the children and grandchildren about God, about his encounter with Satan, and advised to beware of his wiles. As the years passed, Adam grew old, and his children inhabited the earth.

Death of Adam

History Of Adam: Life On Earth, The First Murder, The Death Of Adam
History Of Adam: Life On Earth, The First Murder, The Death Of Adam

All mankind is the children of Adam. The Prophet Muhammad (SAW), reported that the Lord showed Adam his descendants. Seeing the light in the eyes of the prophet Daoud (David), Adam addressed the Most High with the words: “O Lord, give him forty years of my life.” The Lord answered his request; it was written down and sealed.

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Adam was destined to 1000 years of life, but after 960 years, the angel of death appeared to him. Surprised, Adam said: “But I must live another 40 years!” Adam, hearing this, denied everything. After many, many years, the Prophet Muhammad (SAW), will say: “Adam denied, therefore the children of Adam deny; Adam was wrong, and his children are wrong. ”(At-Tirmidhi)

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The Arabic word insan (humanity) is derived from nisyan (forget). It is part of human nature. People are forgetful. And when they forget, they deny and refuse to recognize. Adam forgot (he did not lie), but the Lord forgave him. Then Adam submitted to the will of the Lord and died. Angels came down and washed the body of the prophet Adam (an odd number of times). Then they dug a grave and buried the body of the father of all mankind – Adam.

Adam’s Successor

Before his death, Adam reminded the children that the Lord would never leave them without leadership, He would send prophets to them, each of which would be special, with different names, qualities and wonders, but united by a single mission – a call to worship the One God (Allah). Adam appointed a successor to his son named Seth.

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