What Makes People To Accept Islam?

What prompts people to come to Islam, not paying attention to negative responses in the media.

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The nature of religion as a whole is rather mysterious. Different people worship different deities. Someone worships unknown natural forces or animals for example; cows, fire, stone idols, etc.

Religious faith is associated with many things. Sometimes it is transmitted through generations, becoming part of the personality. It does not always have external manifestations. This is neither bad nor good. That is it nature.


Feeding the poor and needy is an act that draws us closer to Allah. We earn His forgiveness, mercies and blessings through this act of charity.

“Anyone who looks after and works for a widow and a poor person is like a warrior fighting for Allah?s cause, or like a person who fasts during the day and prays all night. (Bukhari)

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Almost every person considers his religious conviction to be the only true one. Meeting people, joining groups with similar ideas, he strengthens his faith, sometimes ceasing to be guided by common sense and logic.

The logical arguments of Islam

What Makes People To Accept Islam?
What Makes People To Accept Islam?

Muslims consider their faith to be special. Some would argue that, like any other religion, Islam is not without aspects that cannot be reasonably explained. However, the text of the Holy Quran (God’s Word) calls for turning to critical assessment, common sense and reflection not only to strengthen faith, but also to encourage people to think about the rationality of Islam as a way of life for humanity. Religion cannot be built on logic alone, however, Islam and the Qur’an provide more than enough examples and opportunities to verify the reliability of the Message through the prism of empirical knowledge and arguments.

No one can argue that critical thinking can change a person’s life in no time. It becomes the key to success in solving complex problems, because reasoning critically, a person asks the right questions about the situation, collects reliable information, seeks to remain objective and impartially seek alternatives.


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Therefore, many, telling their story of conversion to Islam, talk about reflection, critical judgment, logic. Such people are indifferent to the hysterical moods artificially created by the media around Islam. They simply follow what they consider right and reasonable. How else to explain the beginning of an active arrival in Islam with the spread of anti-Islamic propaganda? Leadership comes only from Allah, we Muslims are convinced of this. However, God-given intelligence has a crucial role to play in making a decision that will make you different. Once having accepted Islam, a person rarely returns to the old faith, because a conviction built on common sense and logic is always stronger than that which stands on rituals and sacraments alone.

Reasons New Muslims Talk About

What Makes People To Accept Islam?
What Makes People To Accept Islam?

There are actually many reasons. One of the main ones is the unique eloquence of the Qur’an, its amazing scientific facts, arguments based on sound reasoning, divine wisdom behind various social issues. From the very beginning to the present day, the uniqueness and beauty of the Quranic text delighted the best Arab linguists and scientists (Muslims and non-Muslims). The deeper the scientist’s knowledge of the language, the more he appreciates the style of the Holy Quran. This Book was sent down more than 1,400 years ago, but it has scientific facts that go far beyond that era. Moreover, this is the only religious text that encourages people to reflect on creation, social aspects, the existence of God, etc. The Quran encourages you to think with your own head, instead of listening to someone’s unfounded criticism. Finally, in the Qur’an one can find a solution to many social issues that have worried people at all times.

The Quran proves the existence of God confidently and comprehensively – from the creation of the universe to the most insignificant moments of human existence. The divine text itself in style and language differs sharply from the statements of the Prophet, may Allah bless and please with him, and thereby make it clear that the Quran is not a fiction or inspired speeches of Muhammad.

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Obviously, most of the reasons listed above lead aspirants to think sensibly and objectively. However, in the search for truth, we must also listen to the voice of the heart. Only those who “hear” with their hearts can understand from the first words that the Quran is a Book from God.

“When they read it to them, they say:” We believed in it! This is the truth from our Lord. We were Muslims before ”(Quran 28:53).

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