The World Of Jinn (Genies) And Their Secret Action

Secret action of (Jinn) genies and Protection from them

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The World Of Jinn (Genies) And Their Secret Action.Supernatural and invisible has always been of particular interest to humanity. One thought about the existence of a parallel world is fascinating! Usually, the parallel world is represented to us by the world of spirits.

Secret Genie (Jinn) Actions

The ability to fly and be invisible makes the jinn the main participants of the anomalies. Voodoo, black magic, poltergeist, witchcraft, mediums – one has only to get acquainted with the world of jinn, as all this acquires a completely logical explanation. By the way, the tricks of illusionists and wizards also lose the haze of the sacrament. Genies are of great value to sorcerers, as they can cross vast distances in seconds. In exchange for helping witchcraft, jinn demanding the worship of themselves and Satan. Thus, man chooses Satan as a deity instead of the Lord. Today, many tricks performed by sorcerers, of course, have not been without the help of jinn. The disappearance of the Statue of Liberty, the flight through the Grand Canyon, the return of the ship from the Bermuda Triangle is the work of the Jewish sorcerer David Copperfield. A man would NEVER be able to do this without the participation of a genie. It is not surprising if it turns out that Copperfield sold his soul to Satan.

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Feeding the poor and needy is an act that draws us closer to Allah. We earn His forgiveness, mercies and blessings through this act of charity.

“Anyone who looks after and works for a widow and a poor person is like a warrior fighting for Allah?s cause, or like a person who fasts during the day and prays all night. (Bukhari)

Most often, genies help predict. Before the arrival of the Prophet Muhammad (SAW), divination and prediction of the future was widespread. To find out the future, the soothsayers took jinn for themselves as assistants. The jinns rose to the lowest of the seven heavens and overheard angels talking about future events they heard from the Lord. Then the genies passed the information to the soothsayers. Therefore, before the Prophet Muhammad (SAW), the soothsayers quite accurately predicted the future. But everything changed with the arrival of the Messenger of Allah: the angels began to guard the heavens more carefully, and those who wanted to get close to them were driven away by falling stars:

“We have preserved heaven from every exiled and beaten devil. Except him (devil) that gains hearing by stealing, he is pursued by a clear flaming fire.” (Quran 15: 17-18)

The Prophet Muhammad (SAW), also said: “Upon hearing the word, each devil sends it to the one below him, and so on, from top to bottom, until the word is uttered by a sorcerer or a soothsayer. His carrier may be shot down by a falling star before he gives it to the sorcerer, or he may not have time to knock him down, and then he adds a hundred wrongs to this truth ”(Sahih Al-Bukhari)

The World Of Jinn (Genies) And Their Secret Action
The World Of Jinn (Genies) And Their Secret Action

Now it is clear why clairvoyants sometimes manage to make a true prediction. The reason for frequent prediction mistakes is also clear. Take Nostradamus. Yes, one of his predictions came true, but in many ways he was mistaken. Unfortunately, in countries such as, for example, Morocco, divination among Muslims is gaining momentum. If you look at the Moroccan night sky, you can see the fountain of falling stars – a sign that the angels are driving the jinn.

Predictors often resort to the help of Qareen, a genie assigned to each person. He constantly whispers to us about base desires and tries to lead us astray. The Prophet (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him) said:

“Each of you has a genie.” The Companions asked: “Even to you, O Messenger of Allah?” “Even to me,” answered the Prophet, (SAW), “Only Allah alleviates my fate by making my genie Muslim. Now he commands me only good. ” (Sahih Muslim)

Qareen is with a man all his life and knows what happened to him from the cradle. The predictor comes into contact with Qareen and brings out the information, so that later, looking at the silver ball or the palm of a person, to kill him outright “with his knowledge.” In Islam, it is strictly forbidden to visit predictors. The Messenger of Allah said this:

“The prayer of the one who addressed the soothsayer and asked something from him will not be accepted for forty days” (Sahih Muslim)



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“Whoever turns to the soothsayer and believes his words, showed disbelief in what was sent down to Muhammad (SAW)”

But the tricks of the genies are not limited to predictions. Another of their abilities manifests itself during seances. The sorcerer allegedly summons the spirit of the dead. Usually, relatives of the deceased come to talk with him: “Are you here, Charlie? Talk to us! ”Etc. And here the genie shows his “mastery” – he begins to speak in the voice of “Charlie” and the relatives are really fooled.

The most dangerous manipulation of the genies can, perhaps, be considered visions. This is the surest way to force a person to worship someone instead of Allah. It is very hard not to attach importance to what you see with your own eyes. Only those who know about the world of jinn and believe in the Lord can endure such a test. Since ancient times, genies love to play with the image of the prophet Jesus and his mother Mary. Such a vision is misleading not only Christians. Sometimes visions start talking. Imagine the state of a believing Christian when the one whom he considers to be god appears before him and begins to speak! Among Christians, this phenomenon is called the language of the angel and is considered proof of their rightness. Although, if you listen to the nonsense that comes from the lips of visions, you can call it the language of not angels, but devils. Some are visions in the form of parents or relatives, who died a long time ago. So the genies are trying to convince that the spirits of the dead live among us. That is why so many believe in ghosts.

How to Protect Yourself From Jinns (Genies)

The jinn can see us, but we don’t see them, so the prophet Muhammad (SAW) taught us ways to protect against their evil. Hoping for the Lord and reading the suras from the Holy Quran (for example, suras 113 and 114) relate to these methods.

Also, for example, you should read these verses:

“Say:” Lord! I resort to You from the delusions of the devils. I resort to You, Lord, so that they do not come near me ”(Quran 23: 97-98)

Before entering the house, before eating, marital intimacy, the Muslim says “Bismillah” (with the name of Allah) so that the jinn cannot enter the dwelling, eat and drink with the person, interfere in the intimate life of the person. Mentioning the name of the Lord before removing clothes, entering the toilet will not allow the genie to see the private parts and harm them. The power of faith and religion in general will help prevent evil from the jinn.

The World Of Jinn (Genies) And Their Secret Action
The World Of Jinn (Genies) And Their Secret Action (The World Of Jinn (Genies)

Reading the Al-Kursi verse in Arabic (Quran 2: 255) is reliable protection against jinn. We learned about this from the story about Hurairah (one of the Prophet’s Companions).

And prophet Muhammad (SAW) also said:

“Do not turn your houses into graves, for Satan runs away from the house where Surah Bakara is read” (Sahih Muslim)

These verses (in Arabic) and the statements of the prophet (SAW), show how to be protected from the jinn. Islam taught Muslims to communicate with all the creations of Allah, not only with the jinn. A true Muslim should not be afraid of Satan or the rest of the jinn, because Islam has told about them and about how to protect against them.

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The world of jinn is sinister, but at the same time intriguing. Having knowledge of this, we can explain many anomalies that worry us, and not fall into terrible extremes. And what could be worse than not worshiping God? By studying monotheism, we protect ourselves from Satan’s hidden allies:

“Verily, he (Satan) and his kindred see you from where you do not see them” (Quran 7:27)

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